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Ah, well, hey, I got some milk. Rosenberg trivia for you. Hit me. Milt Rosenberg Toe took sociology classes from my dad at the University of Michigan. There you go. And yet here I was, like, did you bother to take those classes? I'm getting no. Oh, Oh, man, he went to the broadcast school of hard knocks. Ah, guy. You don't know You don't want to know the school. I went to Is the school. They were never mind. I figure your alma mater was what's the matter you way? I know. Maybe people would like to enter. Ask a question of a dog 312981 72 100. I happen to have a dog in the studio with me. So, Nat about yourself? No, it's Atticus. Atticus, come here. Atticus. They went to 98 once. Every 200. Doctor. Come here, buddy. Come here will be a body check. 31 to 91 7300 you again as Atticus a question he knows all sees. All feels all and peaceful And he's £100 practically And is a golden retriever. Which means of course, that he retrieves gold, which is very exciting, Atticus, and you wanted to talk to people, huh? Okay, Well, I'm gonna have to decent. Disinfect that microphone. Uh, three. Want who? 91 7200 telephone number. On the bookie check of life here at 7 20 w g. N on a Monday night. Pretty slow. Gotta admit, pretty slow Monday night. That's okay. Can't go fast every day. Because if you went fast every day, then you wouldn't know what slows like The dog. Even the dog left May after licking my microphone. The dog left me. I'm telling you. I just don't know. I just don't know 31 to 90. 200 Jerry. Hey, Jerry. Oh, hi. Hold on. Get Atticus back on the phone. My cat wants Atticus has left me, okay? We're getting there. You know we are getting there. Thank you, Atticus. There's a camera on the phone for you. Data from care if going in the other room. I guess he doesn't never mind. Let's get to it. There was an obvious opening there that I'm not taking. I hope everybody appreciates this stab at maturity. Let's go toe. Linda! Linda. Hello. Hey, Atticus would like to be that my dog sooner advocates who want to talk to sooner. Actors coming away name is because he's always later. No. Rather sit and shit in the house and God's sight. Okay, thank you for coming. I think that might need to be bleeped. I don't know if we have a delay. But There's a possible excrement doesn't bother me. I don't care, but, uh That's good. We're going to J. J. J, so I had a question, but you lost your dogs. I don't want to stay down. Well, he's a sitting over here. But there's something in the wastepaper basket. That's way more. Interesting. I am. I got to tell you what isn't Thank you so much. Thank you. No questions asked him if he likes people food. All I know he does. He eats anything. Okay? What would be his preferred fast food burger? Hey, Annika's what? He said anything. What's this look? Special notes. What's your preferred fats for the burger? Atticus? No, he's he's being too well behaved. You know what? You know. That's why they say never work with Children or animals. That's the point. They can't. Thanks for calling. Ah, I'll try to find out for tomorrow or the next time whenever I'm here. Let's go to John. Hello, John. How are you? Hey, John. I'm doing great. I just wanted you to know I wrote a book on cats. Next time I'll use paper. All right, boy, you can edit that Balan. It would be a compact bookie check. People would be amazed course would take a lot of editing, All right. There was a Reference to the outfit a few minutes ago. We're talking the mob. And we're really talking about it with the authors of mob adjacent A family memoir. In Chicago. The outfit, huh? Coming up after the news on 7 20 w G. N.

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