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He pointed with pleasure to the indications of good achier wreaking from the chimneys of the comfortable farmhouses and low thatched cottages. I love said he gene to see this day. Well kept by rich and poor. It is a great thing to have one day in the year. At least just when you are sure of being welcome wherever you go and of having as it were the world all thrown open to you you and I am almost disposed to join with poor robin. In his malediction of every churlish enemy to this honest festival has to fall those who at Christmas do re pine and would fain hence dispatch him. May they with old do you come free dine or else may squire catch. Catch him. The Squire went on to lament the deplorable decay of the Games and amusements which were once prevalent at the season among the lower orders and countenanced by the higher. When the old halls of castles and manor houses were thrown open at daylight when the tables were covered with broad and beef and humming Ale? When the harp and the Carol resounded all day long and when rich and into poor were alike? Welcome to enter and make merry our old.

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