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Premier league season kicks off in England this week and as welcoming Craig Burley shocking slump in n Doc. Know Br British yourself folks, Brits yourself for a photograph is going to come up on your screen. We are in dark was. Look at that. Yesterday. Pre Lockdown Liverpool Manchester United much the city also Chelsea Spurs is in top six top scorer hurricane Kevin dubrow his player of the West Brom Film. Villa to go down meanwhile shocker similar talk to Chelsea. Then third United Fourth arsenal-spurs top-scorer, Obama Yang Private Kevin broin westbound Bryson the fuller to go down. But Craig he's. On his has low as miserable as Adema Craig anyone. I didn't pick I was happy pictures pick from. The air right. City, you have winning Craig you'll be only one why. Why No? Because they lost by eighteen points last season because they've only brought in Nathan McKay that they haven't exactly set things on fire doesn't Sandra Bullshit terrible all of a sudden not gonNA. Go after Gula Ballet. Squad Davidge Chauffeur's last. The whole house is going to fold like a pack of cards. The reason I'm going to affect. Another set half I think have land from the mistakes of last season. Otherwise they're in trouble and grab the oilers certainly knows it so possession. When they have possession and the dominating teams the hostile. To. CanNot be so open defensively but they didn't they didn't learn last season when he kept happening right they didn't learn in the champions saying what's most may suggest Well. He has a brick to solve. Correct me if I'm wrong but the previous two seasons the managed to do. All right hundred points nine hundred, eight point so. You know the not going away and one of the reasons as still a talented toward with a talented manager. Yes. They need some fresh faces they'll probably get but the other reason is that lever pillar but I think to. Continue with. To raise your performance above what they did last year or even keep at our level. I think is going to be hugely difficult. Say It for a couple of seasons and then folded into what was it eighty one or eighty two point. So whatever it was last year. So as difficult to reproduce that done I, think about reason. Why I'm going to go for city because they were kind of embarrassed some by some of the defendant a Shia and I think they will have. Teeth again. Because they have a porpoise. Liverpool give a mark in the most last year. And I think from that perspective sets, you'll be better and then he asked the question can Liverpool reproduced that magic for another twelve months and I think that will be difficult. That's why I've gone for. A and you've got safe third. Yeah, absolutely I think Manchester United with Verno Fernandez still think they might get Jadon Sancho improved ally. In fact, fanatics lost a League game yet in Manchester United Show I think they could finish second I. Don't go with Crato about Manchester City identify favorites, may of nine times.

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