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He has dedicated his own life to showing others how to overcome their challenges so that they can fulfil their unlimited potential this. This is a super fund episode. It has really practical tangible things that you can implement in your own morning and I hope that you will enjoy it. As much as I enjoyed recording it. howl welcome to the podcast? Thanks for being here. It is a pleasure really. Thank you so much for having me well. I'm so excited to chat with you because I am a huge believer in the power power of a story and I know from a little bit of research about you and from reading your books that you have actually quite an amazing story that has multiple chapters so to start are with those people who are not familiar with you. Can you just give us an overview of who you are and your story and how you got to this place that you are now yeah. I'll do the high level because I'm I'm. I'm a keynote speaker and very long winded and if I if I start to get into the story which we can dive into each one but I you know all of a sudden all all all realize I haven't even taken a breath Aetna Mike Twelve minutes into my story but so high level when I was I grew up very average or mediocre. If you will meaning I I I was a C. student. I wasn't an athlete. I wasn't it wasn't popular. I didn't you know didn't really have other than all the gifts that breach born with unique gifts. I didn't really wasn't born with any really amazing standup talents balance on end and then when I was fifteen I fell into a job. Dj Edit Dj digits cool dances and weddings and anniversaries and then I got hired as radio station and are not became my dream was to be a radio DJ and then fast forward it nineteen a buddy of mine almost tricked me into going to work with him and he was in sales else and he sold cut co cutlery and I had no interest in being in sales I was. I was at another radio station at that point. After college and I met the manager Jesse Bovine and ended up Jesse really sold me on the idea that you know having setting my own schedule and having no ceiling on my income and it was kind of all the experience I could gain. I decided to give it a shot and I started selling cutlery and in my first ten days I broke the all time company record which meant I had sold more kitchen knives in the first in days of anyone that had worked before me in fifty years and that was kind of a crazy thing for me because I went from being this average kid to like WHOA I. I didn't know I had this in me. You know and I think that all of us we have so much more within much more potential than we have yet to tap into a year and a half later. I was giving a speech at a cut. Co Conference points and driving home after the speech in a brand new Ford Mustang at his first new car I was hit head on by a drunk driver eighty miles an hour and my car spun off of the drunk driver and the worst was actually yet to come you think what what's worse than a head on with a drunk driver at eighty miles an hour but the car behind me I spun in front of them and they crashed into my driver's side door at seventy miles an hour and crushed my car door into the left side of my body and instantly I broke eleven bones and I broke my femur and half. I broke my pelvis. In three places. I fractured broke. My arm. Mike humorous buying my bicep half shattered. My elbow broke all the bones around around my I mean Izhak. It was shattered severed my ear and began losing a lot of blood and that night I bled to death. I was dead for six minutes on the side of the freeway anyway after they pulled me out of the car the car was kind of keeping me alive and I I bled to death. I was clinically dead for six minutes rushed to the hospital in a coma for six six days. I flatlined twice more in the coma and when I came out of the coma was told by doctors that I would never walk again and permanent brain damage and you know at any the age that's tough to take but at twenty at a lot of goals that involved walking again and the use of my brain and I decided that I would not accept the doctor's diagnosis as the ultimate fate that that I I was going to believe I could walk again and have faith that I could walk again until I was proven otherwise and I had accepted that I would and I go well. Maybe I'll never walk again. If I never walked again I told my dad I'll be the happiest person that you've ever seen in a wheelchair because I will not let a wheelchaired chaired define my quality of life. I will not let it define my emotional wellbeing and the power of the mind body connection three weeks after the crash two weeks after I came out of the coma. The doctors came in with routine x rays and they said we don't know how to explain this. How your body is healing so quickly that rushing let you take your first first step today on therapy and even me being faithful and hopeful and optimistic. I was thinking maybe I could walk in like a year not in three weeks or two weeks except woke up and I took my first step in the rest is kind of history as they say and then all kinds of wrap up the big picture story with just two other other pieces in two thousand seven the US economy crashed that was what I would call my second rock bottom the car accident being my first during my second rock bottom when the economy crashed kinda crashed with it. I was an entrepreneur and my business failed. couldn't pay the mortgage. I lost my house. I physically started declining in terms of I my body fat. Percentage tripled in about six months. I wasn't exercising. I was depressed. I was scared I didn't know how to turn it around and I created this morning ritual. This was like my desperate attempt to turn things around. It created the morning ritual. I wanted to create the ultimate morning ritual. The idea was that I was studying the world's most successful people just googling and looking for what are they what are their rituals and routines. I need to Sir changing things in my life. I want my life to change and a kept coming. Russ morning rituals that I'm like. Nah Not a morning person what else do and long story short there long story longer anger. I got I decided to create. I'm going to create notches morning ritual. I'm GONNA create the ultimate morning ritual like the best personal development practices in the history of humanity and I'm gonNA combine all of with them and the next morning. I woke up over the course of an hour. I meditated for ten minutes ten minutes of affirmations ten minutes evangelization. A ten minutes of exercise is ten minutes of reading and ten minutes of journaling and that morning I went from being depressed and scared to going wow I feel inspired tired. I feel motivated. I feel energized still optimistic. If I start every day like this. It's only a matter of time but I thought it'd probably be again like six months to a year of this slow sure gradual compound effect but within two months of doing this morning ritual didn't have a name it would just personal development in the morning that I did at five. AM and within two months I more than doubled my income I went from the worship of my life physically to deciding to train for a fifty two mile ultra marathon never run before and and I completed lead the marathon you know six months later and I went to my wife and I said Sweetie I would. I go we we just officially have surpassed the the highest two months ago. We were in debt and couldn't pay the bills. We just surpassed the highest monthly income we've ever had which at that time was twelve thousand dollars a month and I said it feels. It's like a frigging miracle that this little morning. Ritual is like how it's changing my life and she goes. It's your miracle morning and I could yeah miracle morning and you know it wasn't a book book editor wrote it down and now the miracle morning is a book and it sold one point seven million copies. It's translated in thirty seven languages practice every day by mill over a million million people and then the last part of the story is a two years ago. I woke up unable to like couldn't control breathing and turned out I took eleven days of me having my lungs sixteen pounds of fluid drained from my lungs every.

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