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From Atlanta. It's the John Kincaid Joe on CBS or radio. Hey, Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for joining us. We have called this press conference this morning because J K has an announcement to make. So I will bring John up here for a brief statement, and then we'll take a few questions. John. Thank you very much. Anthony this morning. As we as the sun rises on this September, 20th For the first time in my radio career. I am a radio free agent. I'm a free agent. My services on the local level are available for business as I have found myself out of work. So, like all other sports personalities, I need to Have a press conference and just deal with these questions head on. And hopefully we will be able to move to the next level. Find out some answers and and and free agency will be a positive experience for me. Ah, let's see Kevin. You're first up, Kevin. Can I take your question? Police J. K. Are you leaning East Coast West Coast? I don't know. I mean, it's sort of like a rap battle. Everything about me screams east Coast. It really does and get my good side. Get my good side. Get my good side. Let me turn to the camera. Thanks. Very good, Big. I just looked a little better that way. I look good. Both ways I look East Coast West Coast. It does seem like a rap battle, but I'm leaning towards East Coast. Because to me, I think it's it's probably because everything about me screams East Coast. I'm not laid back. And I I'm not. I'm not like my idea of a night out is not avocado toast. And a nice and a nice white wine spritzer. I'm not Pete Frickin Carol. No. So I'm leaning East Coast. Yes, That's my answer, but hey, looking for work, If you if you need to reach me reach out James's on James, What's going on? Which is John. What part of your skill set fits best with what part of the country I think I'm very I thank the people of the South for bringing me up the last 25 years in sports radio, where I've learned by being in Atlanta that that that sports fans can be have incredible passion, incredible loyalty. But they're very in the south. They're very hypersensitive. When their teams get criticized. I come from a city of Philadelphia. I grew up where cannibalizing our teams is sort of like going to Mass on Sunday. Or, you know, kissing your grandma. When you see her. It's it's just routine. It's what you do so cannibalization in the Northeast, very hyper sensitivity. When your team gets criticized the south of the delicate balance. I think I'm poised for both. Because the lovely people the South have taught me so well. Let me get one more in here because I gotta move on. Tyler Tyler, What's your question? Buddy? J. K with your hair. Shouldn't you consider a TV gig? I really should. And I want to tell the folks at ABC is General hospital that I'm now much more available, and I've noticed that Stephen A..

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