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How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of duris. Here's what's Mike Bloomberg about doing things. A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch each mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving healthcare and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness with this to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to build to deliver to do breath win and unite this country. Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. 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Find thrills at Baja Markazi no the largest in the Caribbean or experiencing array of luxury retail outlets and a flagship s by there are over forty restaurants bars and lounges ranging from casual waterside agrees to world-class dining destinations relax lacks cocktail lounges. And High Energy Nightspots to book your next vacation at one of Mars three iconic hotels and explore winter specials including up to thirty eighty five percent savings on your stead visit Baja Mar dot com. That's B. A. H. A. M. A. R. dot com. We're back thank you sponsor. Yes thank you. And we're back with Louis. Oh Oh yes rebecca wrote. I was reading one of my daily newsletters and stumbled upon this gym. An article about plenty. I got so excited to find out some new news about our old buddy and thought you might as well and she was referencing a Smithsonian article from January twenty twenty s a very recent about the discovery of a two thousand year old skull that might belong to our good pal. Plenty yes pompey's is all kinds of things recommend checking it out. Yeah I still popping up into a net wrote. I am often reminded of funny stories while listening to save her but normally forget about them by the end. I didn't want that to happen to this thought so I am typing this while listening to the food episode. I have to petty food beats in my life. The first less funny one is my grandfather. We lived in rural Illinois where there were commercial Dante fields mixed in with local farmers fields. When my grandfather was alive he would take corn from the field occasionally? But always made sure it was a del Monte field as if that listen to the crime and would buy from the local farmers. There's so I totally understand how there can be police forces and detectives for agriculture. If one grumpy old man was doing it there's probably a scattered army of them. Committing Petty Acts Aksa Fever Against Del Monte. The second thief at the other end of the age spectrum is my family friends daughter Lola. The cheese thief her mom had had her in the front basket of the shopping cart at the grocery store. Lolo who was a young toddler sat quietly with her secret the whole time in until they got to the car and her mother started to load. The rightfully purchased groceries into the car and Lola pulled out a block of cheese from under her shirt laughing. Her mother was horrified and Lola's only explanation clinician was that she likes cheese. Unfortunately it was a spicy pepper Jack Cheese so look even enjoy the taste of our crime. I mean that's the justice right there that is feel candidate can't have it. Then you just have to think on your failure and hopefully learn from your mistakes and steal the the right kind of cheese or I had a friend and she thought you know at the those restaurants where you take the bill and you come and pay share and At this particular restaurant and a lot of a lot of other restaurants like it. They have the York work peppermint. Patty's Oh twenty five cents or a nickel. They're cheap yeah she's out. Those were free and I I saw her just taking a bunch of them. Once and walk. Doc I had to pay. We're going you know meant is free. No No bay famous this three five cents. That was high school. It's still a time of learning. We're all students life. The students of life yes constantly learning and learning learning and relearning. Yes yes which is beautiful if not sometimes exhausting definitely and we love learning from you listeners. So thanks to both of them in. If you'd like to write too as you can or emails hello at Sabre pod Dot Com. We are also on social media. You can find us on facebook twitter and Instagram at saver pot. And we do hope to hear from you. Savor is production of iheartradio stuff media for more podcasts. My heart radio the radio up apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows Dell's thanks as always toward Super Producers Bill and Bacon and Inter Howard. Thanks to you for listening. And we hope that that's market. Things are coming your way. Um Purdue farms offers only the highest quality and most thoughtfully raised beef pork lamb and chicken now sold online a and delivered to your door for a limited time purdue farms is offering a bundle of organic free range. Chicken raised on small family farms with no antibiotics ever at an amazing introductory price of less this than three dollars a pound high quality low price. 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