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She's a goalkeeper. That's where they went, and and and Most accurate then Yes. Take over test again on Friday if she's cleared She clears. They travel to Missouri and she could be kicking for the Vanderbilt Commodores. I really hope the NC double a does the right thing here and we don't even know if it would be a hold up or anything like that. But given this is such a screw a year and you know, wanting to play by the rules of while you weren't this sports, you weren't in this sport. You're not eligible all those things. I hope that if there are any eligibility concerns that Go away very quickly and not ruin. What could be a really cool moment. I think for all women in sports, no matter whether you like football, anything else if you're playing soccer, whatever. Um Would be really cool way to kind of cap off what is one of the best weekends in college for Bobby? There's so many rivalry games happening, and I'd love to see it happen. I hope that nothing gets in the way of what if she relied somebody up on a kick return. Homestake looking Loki. Not is like, Don't keep her man. She's got that toughness. Hey, man, she tried she'll drop it. Elbow on your nose. Dude. Coming coming. You coming her six and it's over. I mean, so she's tough. We'll see. We'll see if history happens, man getting his own. Sarah Fuller from Vanderbilt is in his own brought you by auto Zone. Get in the zone. AutoZone What? Courtney, Courtney Cronin on me and Fitz Simmons. Coming up next, the latest involving a cancelation of the National Football League. She popular Cornett coming.

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