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Yes very well i think that you'll see by the time that this has run its course and this could be two or three year credit cycle by the time is run its course goal will be over five thousand dollars an ounce wow yeah was it all time high up to this point nineteen hundred dollars yep and was down what three to four hundred ninety so it's had a tremendous rise up to this point but nineteen hundred thirteen hundred personally started buying gold in the early two thousands two thousand to two thousand three two thousand four when i started buying it was around four dollars an ounce so yeah it's gone up quite a bit but you think it's got a lot i mean five thousand ounces that's a lot it's not that much if you look in if you consider how much money and credit has been created in the last decade i mean the fed did print four trillion dollars of new bills and the the federal debt did go from eight trillion to twenty plus trillion zero zero fear in your mind or let's say a one percent fear your mind that if somebody got into gold right now in five years they would feel like oh gosh what have i done moser your chance of that dan ferris is where the seized the lead analyst and editor of extreme value and one of the original stands for research analysts joining porter in two thousand dan's research focuses on some of the safest and most profitable stocks in the market great businesses trading at steep discounts his strategy of finding safe cheap and profitable stocks has earned him a loyal following as well as one of the most impressive track records in the industry in fact dan holds three of the top ten all time highest returning close positions in the stands very hall of fame dan is an avid guitar player and lives in the beautiful state of washington his work has been featured in barons and he's appeared on fox business news the street and business news network please welcome to the stanbury investor our mr dan ferris you know what amazon multiple is right now i think it's well the multiple that i keep track of is lifetime earnings.

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