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To six feet well with kind of known that but this is now well demonstrated show this what we call the respirable tori root of spread is the way influenza spreads most frequently and they get jodie in here a colleague from my duncan alabama jodie welcome to the program hi tang on just calling because i guess i'm giving you an update from the south okay had a lot of flew in this area in dourthe and um in my son's high school they're still an rampant flew um to the point where we've encouraged him when he doesn't have to be at school not to be there um they well i'm out of concern uh in fair hope alabama i've had friends had been buried very ill with not just uh respiratory but stomach um kind of virus non but a fully that debilitated and kept announced sick for a week and um and daughter is in oxford mississippi ole miss on their cases there um students that are having to just kinda stay in their room and try not to get anyone else thick with the flu it's it's bad jody thanks so much for the the update their from the south archer chefowner you hear jody their give us some recommendations for people who are sick to sort of keep it to them sales if you will it well a couple of things one yes keep it to yourself what we call social distancing but as soon as you become sick call your health care provider because they may prescribe an antiviral drug which can reduce the duration of the on this a little bit and also contributes to a lower rate of complications the pneumonia the hospitalization and dyeing and as i like to say when you're in a community where you're having an influenza outbreak and if you're one of the people older were you have underlined diseases that's the time to rent a movie rather than going to the movie you don't wanna get out there in crowds taxrelated of a hermit.

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