NFL, Domestic Violence, Football discussed on Recode Replay - Shari Redstone, Vice Chair, Viacom (Code Conference 2017)


Well as a major nfl fan i think that the anniversary i if you can't guess from the accident you take your achievement ready for there is a particular team rooting for and it is the new england patriots so i happen to be with the right team at the right time but i should say i've had season tickets since 1980's six so i've been through the tough years but i i think that the it got confusing for the consumer with the nfl last year i think they were on too many networks they started to commoditisation experience and not really keep it you know is something that was really special on sundays on thursday's you didn't know what network it was found on i think they had a lot of social issues that they were dealing with whether it was the concussion issue a domestic violence made a big mistake taking tom brady out of the four games at the beginning of the year is out there who weren't playing and i think that you know for the league that wasn't necessarily a good decision cbs by the way is one of the companies pushing thursday night football is good but you have told me play isn't it they if you really want from me if i wanna watch the patriots i will always find where they are if it's thursday night and there's not a particular game i'm watching the first thing i'm gonna do is say hey let me watch thursday night football but if i see something on my way to the football game i might not watch that so i think for it just got too much too many stations too many networks and i do believe that some of the stars weren't there in the beginning of the year but i think it's a great franchise it's going to get stronger i heard that the games are longer that taking a look at that that taking a look at the refereeing process that taking a look at making some more changes in the game to speed it up.

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