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That spirit of giving not lost on fellow always you alarms like Mike Darwin who grew up in total played football and as you and is now a tied in with the Dallas Cowboys you know the guy from the day I saw a photo of the state I was thankful for what he did. the impact that he had a localizado never be forgotten obviously our city is named after him and you know just the contribution that he did we wouldn't be where we are without him there stuff they from the posts out there but you know he he definitely losses will be forgotten George Boscobel is owner Jerry Jones was emotional and speaking of pictures one of his long time trials. personal friend and he was inspirational a man of sports. his love for competing frankly was on match so much of the things that he accomplished. or not about the dollar but more about the competitiveness in the game that he put that he was involved in figures donations that lex generated the most headlines with former as your deputy athletic director Dave Martin said Pickens did way more than just that both tickets will be really really missed the whole pagans will never be forgotten could be surprised how many schools big universities big ten other big twelve schools and things have come here on campus just to go through and see our facilities just a great fan I'm he was there all the time and you could always talk to him the cowboys will wear a special helmet sticker in honor of tickets for the rest of the season including Saturday's game at Tulsa and kick off on that two thirty on ESPN two and on our sister station ninety six one K. X. Y. pregame at twelve thirty with Dave John and Robert the Oklahoma Sooners with a much longer road trip this weekend they play out to southern California tomorrow for Saturday's game against UCLA but like in Riley says the trip will be like many others with one key difference the only thing that's different I would say then you know Lubbock Dallas in those is is just the time difference you know and and we all said to comedy that you know going east and point my course Virginian those guys too so the the time difference when you're not going out there for a bowl game when when the time difference for that matter you have plenty of time in between the game that is probably the biggest adjustment won the water come for Riley also says he's been fairly pleased with a new defensive schemes of Alex ranch and his team's ability to make tackles in space which was a big problem last year there's been a few plays each game that that that showed up and you know as the competition continues to get better better start with this week we're gonna hafta we're gonna have to clean that up and do do better there so but in or plan once you guys are gathered in experience quickly but again the communication and the way we've covered in all early on with the system has been a big positive shooters in Berlin's kick off at seven PM Saturday. on fox and during a week in which former thunder star Kevin Durant trashed Oklahoma City and other places people and things in a Wall Street journal magazine article Russell Westbrook gave okay see a shot out all the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon yeah and then it's got a different hearing you say welcome started work on Houston Rockets is kind of weird for me for the first time but you know this is exciting I'm I'm happy I'm so thankful for all the people in Oklahoma City in and just kind of a new journey so now the use is great and I think it's a good good food over there this is true really a good it's a new thing at hot it really is hot and humid rush returns Oklahoma City with as you deem on January ninth should be a very special night at the peak of March morning already ready to use radio one thousand Katie okay.

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