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I'm Katie Wwj. NewsRadio, 9 50 Developing on the tech Pete this afternoon. A major Twitter hack is ongoing. Someone has gained control of the following accounts Apple Uber, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg and others. To run a Bitcoin scam. All of the accounts of tweeted a similar message, claiming that if a user sends Bitcoin, then they'll get a double The amount back the verge is reporting that more than $50,000 has been received by the phony account. Thus far, Twitter has yet to comment. Meantime, with positive cases of covert 19 back on the rise across the Great Lakes State governor Gretchen Whitmer says state residents have a choice to make either mask up or risk letting our collective quarantine efforts over the past four months, Quote go to waste. Joining us live and local with more on what the governor had to say. Today is NewsRadio nine fifties John Hewitt, John Jason. This latest appeal comes is 891 new confirmed Corona virus Cases have been reported the highest one day total in Michigan since mid May, and whether it will be back to school in eight weeks are back to square. One depends, the governor says. In what state residents do in this moment, with all of us mask up. Ever hit will be in school this fall. If everyone masks up, we're going to see our numbers plummet and our economy is going to get stronger. If everyone masks up, we'll move the whole state in the face five and re engage in a way that will be the envy of every other state in the nation. To date, Over 71,000 cases of the Corona virus have been identified in Michigan, with 6085 deaths recorded Reporting live. John Hewett WWJ a news radio 9 50 As the White House is pushing for schools to be re opened two students in the fall A top GOP official expects a new funding by Congress will hangs, expending details of a Republican proposal for a final Corona virus spending package are unclear, but majority leader Mitch McConnell says it should help schools reopen. My view is the next package that we develop ought to be Geared toward doing everything we possibly can to make it possible for the kid to be back in school, Democrats are more focused on funding a national testing strategy and workplace protections. Steve Dorsey. CBS NEWS Washington Dr Anthony Fauci is telling the Atlantic today. The recent effort on the part of the president's aides to discredit him was quote not a prudent thing to do. Now President Trump seems eager to repair the damage that's been done. The president continues to deny any rift with government's top infectious disease experts were all in the same team. We want to get rid of this mess that China sent us and Mr Trump disavowed a USA Today op Ed written by his top trade advisor. Peter Navarro said. Dr Anthony found she has quote been wrong about everything I've interacted with him on. He shouldn't be doing that. I have a very good relationship with Anthony. Steven Portnoy. CBS NEWS Washington Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt says he tested positive for Corona virus and says with the help of the state health commissioner, he's working to identify any contact since he became commissioner. Fry and I have worked with Contact tracers based on when my symptoms developed. I would not have been contagious since before Saturday. Sted attended President Trump's Rally in Tulsa, which was over a month ago. He says that he's confident he didn't catch the virus. At that rally, The CDC is pushing back on reports that it's now being bypassed on a new method to collect Koven. 19 data hospitals are being asked in Put Corona virus data into a new system called H H s Protect..

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