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Eyes or the best affordable items. You know Gosh they watch what's great about this. Touch against and and something that was really importance of bill on Suzanne and the family as well as. If they wanted you know he's connected everything everything to him as the same meaning almost like it was attached to every every single item, but they wanted items in the bill ones I been there for. The. The every day. Fan Right. Absolutely. You know like there's a you know I'm looking there. Still wine goats head soup ner. Yes. Three hundred dollars, right? Exactly. A novelty t shirts two to three hundred dollars a person is top four to six hundred dollars. So like you know like there's ice at every vintage vintage, best six to eight hundred dollars about three to three to five hundred dollars. assigned hotel bills getting sick the hotel del find seven, hundred dollars. So you know don't you know I think it's Susan good programs extol amazing. The other chance to look at on I did. Three amazing books of histories in this amazing box with gives you the impression that it looks like a five cabinet I'm glad you brought that up because you sell those and our readers could buy those correct. Absolutely tune of dollars. Yeah. And if it's Bill Wyman and it's like three drawers and each yes. But the state is actually catalog three day auctions and even if you couldn't afford to own anything in the actual auction itself you can buy the Kellogg and like bill you have it on his coffee table everything now is it would take everything from him. He has the memory pretty has the catalog, and if he's not he can open the hell out flip truest. The amazing items look think of all the stories look at the phonograph looking they're just you know like every so much less. Burdened something him now he's not insuring storing and worrying about something happening to you know his stuff that he saved for all these years. Ago Now it's. It's going to be dispersed all over the world here and joins options. There's the time this entire collection working together. This is GonNa be gone visible museums and fans and collectors, and there's GonNa be a dome women all over the world because the rolling stones I loved all over the world and. People having up. Now people have an opportunity to old something and you know very rarely the stop come up for auction, and then I've been doing options for years and it's very rare. The because warning stolen. Kept having the rest of the time if you care about I, keep finding even don't in virtue diving like the no came stick. Pins. All that is four of us, but this is an event where the fans can be engaged. I went to the rolling stones in nineteen, eighty, two in saint in July eighty two with my cousin she was crying because this is the last to the rolling stones. This is all during. The last chance. I was younger and I thought okay I'm going and I loved the lessons but I watched. Emotional about this because I really wasn't hadn't got to know the stone as well at that time. But she loved them and. That's What we're talking You know. What would thirty eight years? and. The storms are still going. Incredible and but also what the Navy now is to have all this collection ears and the joining his auctions told them to be the ones to. Represent this auction present this option, and we'll be responsible for dispersing each of these two people hold on to continue to appreciate them love them, enjoy them, and they'll take on a whole united. Agree, and he also collected vinyl too. I noticed that the stones first EP air which is that is pretty damn cool. Be have a fantastic final collection and you know vinyls last few years we seem violence. Joe So popular again and yes, that's a whole. That's a specific collector collects finance to have it all coming from one. Person Member of the warnings tool. So. Many great items. It's just it's it's incredible and we're seeing great interest already online people are looking and you know so many hundreds of thousands of people come to see the catalog see the auction online. So it's GonNa be really historic house right and sat on the Sunday I think it's GonNa. Be Great Fun filled and it's just rolling stone takes to continue enormous senior lions and cultural. So he'll join it's been around since the early sixties we've we've had so many crisis we've all. Survived. We're going to get through they. We're going to get through the election with President whatever happens happens, but we stood have music. We all went up music and now people have an opportunity to own something from the one of the greatest bands of all the time I completely agree it's always a pleasure talking to you and thanks for taking. Really appreciated and you know. I know readers are going to go and check out everything and I. Think you make a great point is if you don't win something which your bid, you can always by that catalogue, which is beautiful. So you know. Luke. Luke appreciate through covering this and. Hopefully, you'll be you going online to see the auction wars. And you'll be entertained for sure I know that. Yes. Absolutely. I'm I'm a big stones fan. Wow good for you and you know. Whether he ever had to be better, but I was. Interviewed him, but I have not met him in person but yes, he's A. Interesting. So modest and so numb. CELEB-. Owned remind them like. Like your opinion that you realize know but. Anyway thank you. Talk. com. Really appreciate you. Good luck. Thank you. Mark Laser on stay healthy and pay into Marin. Thanks Martin thanks for taking the time to talk to Goldmine magazine. This is Patrick Prince. Enter Goldman signing off don't forget to go to Gold Mine, DOT COM conflict exclusive exclusive interviews stuff that you won't find imprint, and if you want the print magazine, you can go on the newsstand and Barnes and noble and books a million and pick it up. Well, we'll see next time and don't forget to go to Julien's auctions to just look if you want at the property from Bill Wyman and his Rolling Stones Archive Julien's auctions dot com and in this auction will be live in Beverly Hills live Friday September eleventh Saturday September twelfth and Sunday September. Thirteenth.

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