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For 3 64 60. Optima tax relief. Some restrictions apply for complete details. Please visit Optima tax relief dot com. The death toll from the California wildfires is rising, marking the 30th death from wildfires in California this year. 1/4 victim has died from the SOG fire near the town of I Go north of Sacramento. Shasta County Sheriff Eric MMA Greening. This was an individual who It was evacuated with significant burns on the day of the origin of this fire, hey, was transported to hospital on the fire line. The flames have calmed a bit. Firefighters are trying to use a period of less wind to their advantage. Like stone, ABC Nair's president, Trump has claimed without evidence that mail in voting will lead to fraud. Now, one state elections official is pushing the Arizona Secretary of state Katie Hobbs, refutes the president's claims. We all know that Dent's claims on this issue are baseless and not supported by the facts. She wants Arizona voters to know the state's vote by mail system is secure. You can't get a ballot. If you're not a registered voter. You only receive a ballot right now, if you request one and she says once voters mail back their ballot, it's tracked with a bar code that allows them to know if it was received and counted. Griselda CITY No ABC NEWS PHOENIX California Governor Gavin Newsom assigned a first in the nation law that requires hundreds of state based corporations to have directors from racial or sexual minorities on their boards. This is ABC News. Coma News Time. NATO for Cuomo TRAFFIC Every 10 Minutes on fours. Tama Fulton, it's Seattle, watching a crash on a Renton Avenue at South Roxbury ST. That's got emergency crews on the scene, causing.

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