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Get your free copy. At that, Anita live dot com slash ample. Our in studio with the amazing auto MacKenzie. She was sharing her story of tragedy and trial. Right now, though. You. I mean, your videos that you post for motivation on social media go through the roof. Everybody loves them. Thank you. And the comments are furious. People are impacted by what you're sharing. Do you feel that that love coming back to you when you post those videos, and you get thousands of us? It's hard. It's hard to say because I started off in this journey saying that if I can just change one person's life in just the unknown ripples involved with that then I'm satisfied, but also competitive so. All right. So this is supposed to be doing with. This is supposed to be saying. So when you put metrics involves it just gives you this place of like. Competition, and it's not really a competition. So the the places where I get the biggest nuggets or when people leave comments and they're saying how they're personally affected by it. Because while you get thousands of us, there's very few people that actually reach out to you and actually have a personal conversation. And it's those people that I really really cherished. Because like I mean, I appreciate everyone for giving me time because that's my thing time. How do you? Choose your topics. I live life, and it's amazing. How just on a weekly basis things come up and everything is just shown up at the right time in my life. I can't lie. It's just. Okay. Let's go with it. Yeah. Says simple you were talking about like what my last post was. This is the perfect example, my last two posts so a couple of weeks ago is just in this place where I had to do video, and it didn't really want to do one. I'm just like, oh my goodness. Why am I doing this like in the sea of just so many people delivering content? Why am I doing this? 'cause who is actually hearing this who's benefiting from it. And it certainly said I'm busy like there's plenty of things I could be doing with my time. And so I mean video just encourage myself to be truthful, and it said, you know. Who who am I in a sea of many like, I am me? And I I recognize my worth my gifts now. So I have to realize to the extent that I can share that. And encourage people to do the same. Then it's worth it. And when we start talking about, you know, talents and gifts like outside of like. Yeah. It was a neuroscience major. But I was also a student athlete like I played volleyball. Me your jersey. They did you know the year after my husband passed, I'm still in this dark place and trying to figure out who I am. And I'm surrounded by people that are celebrating like the things that led me to those accomplishments, and it was really an awesome thing. And then so like the day I post my video Colgate alum reaches out to me is like did you see this article? And I was just like, oh, no I didn't. And I was just like number one. I'm not really history. Like, I feel a little dated now. But for black history month, you know, there was an article about me, and you know, what I had done athletically at Colgate. So it was just like the timing of it all and it's not something I share a lot. But it's huge in my life. The people that were part of my life at that time, then continue to pour in like my team showed up in a big way. You know, decades later after I lose my husband. They were right there. And I was just like, wow. Wow. So in so being down and feeling like I'm against all odds. Like, those are some of the things that happen on the court. Like you look at the scoreboard. You know, how you're feeling you see the other team like I was at least drawing from a familiar place of feeling down in new that I could still make it. So. Do you have a go back and watch your videos to see whether or not how'd that motivational moment affects you. In real time. I look at it. But I haven't gone back into 'cause I guess this is Ben. Maybe actually a year, videos and. I know I've grown a ton. I I've grown a ton in the past several years. So my writing my speaking, my interactions me being more comfortable in my own skin being able to share without like breaking down knowing that is gonna be okay. Like you start off at a point where you're talking about. It's going to be okay. But it's not really, okay. Right. Right. And then you're just like in a place where you're like. Okay. So yeah, what does this optics that you've talked about and you pass videos? Oh my goodness. I think the biggest thing that I just recently realized was, you know, one of my tagline is, you know, I hope that we all find their urgency to live this life. According to a dream some purpose. And I've realized that that's a whole big mouthful. But like what does it mean? What does it mean? How do you apply the Calcio? And so I've mentioned that I work in medicine. See change happen. All the time when it personally affected me, it came true in a very different way. I'm a different provider because of this like those walls that I had up in caring for those people like I have no choice, but to have more compassionate in those scenarios or have a sense of like. More ability to relate and so. When I say purpose intention like purpose intention in time. You never know when those changes are going to happen. And so if you dig deep down, and you find your purpose 'cause they all believe we all have one we may have several. But like, I believe that our gifts are tied in with those. And Sophie realized that you know, we can define time. You know, sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour. But what's the time of our life? We we don't know like we know the average life expectancy in clearly my husband left before way before his time. So we would define his time. Yeah. That's an excellent point. We would define us his time. And so I believe that got has a plan for me. And I don't know the time I have to complete that. So every day going to be very intentional of my time efforts. And I'm going to. The most I can do each twenty four hours. That's why I do so much. Like, let's go are you following?

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