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The un villian was bula retract the 2015 world's fair in italy tells us government does nonprofits corrupt it was built to showcase the us to the world an area i catching pavilion with a facade of live plants and a big piece of the island boardwalk but it's leaving million kgb debts creditors bristle that a high profile project done in america's china's ten cent has acquired a twelve percent stake john of snapchat snap revealed whose name russell to four hundred and forty three point two million dollars during the third quarter they say it's because of weak your growth in revenue the ap's also getting a redesigned to make it easy sent runs the week chat messaging app is wells online payment platforms and games earlier this year it bought a five percent stake in tampa aspin a busy weekend crosspacific dealmaking with president donald trump meeting in china with president xi jinping for the first time us and chinese companies have signed deals valued at around nine billion dollars leaked filed that financial failings threatened to cloud the asian tour of that britain's prince charles and his wife camilla are on the prince of wales in the duchess of cornwall are in capital bhd reports by british media uh with abc vest to give journalists indicate the heir to the thrones private estate invested in an offshore carboncredit trading company and the lobbied for to climate change deals to be altered nearly seven million files released muted based law firm apple after stops in places like singapore and malaysia prince charles and camilla are on the last play tour yeah moment odd to celebrate with over eight thousand wind three thousand at 25 appears to donald total windermore has the perfect one for you and your best uh uh in your coworkers in your siblings in your partner in your neighbors and gene happy celebrating cheers from your friends at total tynan more.

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