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ABC October 6th. Cold case in Alaska, her death is part of a pattern. Television's most anticipated new drama. Another missing and murdered indigenous woman. And we need to show who is to blame. Two time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank stars. We can choose to fight and record a news. In the fall's biggest mystery shortens start asking questions? Careful. We're gonna break this story together. Alaska daily series premiere Thursday, October 6th on ADC and stream on Hulu. Welcome to September 27th, 2022 in the national day calendar. Today we celebrate colorful scraps and comfort drinks. The first scarves depicted in fashion are found in ancient Egypt, where queen nefertiti wore a tightly woven scarf beneath her conical headdress. Military ranks were often marked with scarves of varying value from expensive silk to lowly cotton, but our love for scarves as a fashion statement can be traced to the house of air may in the 19th century. Making use of the beautiful pattern fabrics from China and India. Hermes designed the first ready to wear graphic silk scarf in 1837. When it caught the eye of Queen Victoria and became a part of her iconic look, scarves were quickly embraced in Europe and America as the essence of chic on national scarf day enjoy the big impact of a small strip of fabric. While hot chocolate has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, it's believed that chocolate milk came from 17th century Jamaica. Sir Han Sloane and Irish botanist was given a post here to serve an English duke. While mixing with the locals, he discovered a drink made of cocoa and water that he described as nauseating. By substituting milk for the water, he created a much smoother concoction that he later brought to apothecaries in Europe, where it was used as a medicine. And while chocolate milk may not be considered a health food on national chocolate milk day, we remind you that some foods feed your body while others feed your soul. It's that guilty look on your face, Marla. You know, I love chocolate milk. It doesn't love chocolate milk. Anna? Oh my goodness. Wow. Are you serious? Yeah. I just don't drink it. I'm Anna de beer. I'm Marlo Andre said. Thanks for joining us as we celebrate every day. See you tomorrow. You weirdo.

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