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God Ten Day on Daily Camera Da Sharing Secrets about why she really left Hollywood and why she doesn't want you to call her daughter. . Cute. . During an episode of in Goop health sessions she told the paltrow her life in the spotlight was draining camera decided she wanted different things out of life and she found peace after she retired from acting but it's what she said about her daughter that really got our attention checking out I know it's impossible. . But I really just want her to be free of objectification. . anyways ship or form Salah when people are like. . Don't she so pretty I'm kind of like. . You know I kinda have to breathe through that moment because she's a baby right now but like I don't want her identify with those. . All I WANNA do is hope her be her. . Period. . Okay. . So is it bad to tell young girl? She's ? pretty. . Hate to throw to you because you have a daughter but I mean, what , are your thoughts on this? ? Yeah I don't think it's bad to tell. . She's prettier. . She's cute as long as that's not the only thing you're telling them, , you can't just live on that every single day having your kid walking around thinking they're the prettiest thing on earth and not realizing that they're also smart and that's also ambitious and that they should be carrying and disciplined and all these other things that make up a well rounded beautiful young lady. . So I think Baldo. . Parents and other family members love to do that Oh. . You're so beautiful. . You're so cute. . You're so pretty make sure you're also advocating for how's your grades? ? How are you smart and you read this? ? That start advocating for for well rounded young women as opposed to just tell them acute on. . Yearly well. . Not That my mother was not that person she was a you're going to grow into it. . I promise on. . It's going to catch up with you like you got to wait a little bit. . Some of US have to wait a little bit. . You know I think it's one of these things where I get her symptom and I understand that But there's something about apparent being too aware of something that they can over correct something in people's lives like I was very lucky that my parents let me live my life. . Let me go through hard things and when things got hard they sat me down and they you know they would say look this is uncomfortable but we need to talk about this. . Think parents these days are just too aware. . I think honestly the more I listened to what everyone has said A. . The video I feel like I wish cameron kind of Said what Victor said I know that she's a new mom I'm sure she's extremely overprotected I think she obviously had her fair share of time in the spotlight she knows what it can do to you and she just wants her daughter to know that she's more than just that. . But I think what Victor said is just completely correct and you can tell somebody they're pretty that's Noggin not a negative thing and I hope it doesn't become one. . Also, just , need to say like you know you're smart you're capable. . You can do things go for your dreams I just think what what he said was I think it's totally accurate. . So yeah, , but. . Girl let me ask you a question as a girl like we all know how girls are. . They're never going to change and the first thing that comes up in a young girl's life is self esteem and it's all based on what she goes through around her at school. . Why not counteract the you know you're going to get you feel happy feelings of being inferior to other people when it comes to. . Tell you? ? You'RE GORGEOUS Or people are going to try to say things to you but just know that you are who you are. You're . amazing. . You are well rounded capable young woman and you're beautiful as well like I. . I. . Think the seems really I just don't think somebody saying to you. . You're pretty should be taken as something that's offensive. . I. . Just don't think that that's necessarily big offensive but I think it's just everywhere right you take your throat like I remember going to the grocery store or The mall. . Every person's like, , oh my gosh she's so pretty it's just the first thing that people talk to your child and say, , so it's up to you as parents to give them the the well rounded side to be like, , oh no, , you're not only pretty what you're going to be smart. . You're going to grow up to be a beautiful young woman. . You'RE GONNA grow up to be disciplined to be a lawyer doctor like there's different ways of going around it, , but it's hard. . The society is what you see. . Till

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