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We know though this year it is not about doorbuster deals this year. It is about shopping in a social distancing world. Paulino you and vonnie quinn talked earlier. Dana tells e she said the consumers pretty healthy yet exactly right and they're looking forward despite all the craziness in the world here the consumer does have some liquidity as well. Yeah well let's let's get to somebody who's got a front row seat on all of this. Jim fallon is editorial director of women's wear daily. He joins us on the phone from tarrytown new york so jim great to have you here with pollen myself the westchester mall. Not too far from you guys. But as we are hearing colleagues are sending in. they're talking about the malls and riverhead and so on and so forth the outlets. Everything's very quiet. It's a very different black friday this year extremely different and i think it's going to be a very different holiday season overall. I mean it's if any time is going to be an online holiday. This is the year and the question is. Will it ever go back to what it used to be so dramatic. I think it was as we've heard from retailers really over the last several years we've heard about this concept of channel kind of being online bricks and mortar. You talk to us. What omni channel means to you and how we're seeing that play out this holiday season. Well they were omni channel basically is now utilizing your brick and mortar assets. In a way that is going to pretty much drive traffic to your website. I mean i am deloitte or Or adobe predicted one hundred sixteen percent increase in Buy online pickup in store. Curbside pickup. so you're seeing walmart. You're seeing target. You're seeing all these retailers. Really using their store base to fulfill orders from online Especially with the surgeon online orders and worries over deliver in things like that so whereas omni channel used to be. Oh you know we have our store and we also have our website and we're bringing into together. Now it's really. How can we use our store base to fulfil orders from online and yes customers might come in but not in the numbers that they used to. Yeah i listen. I got to say to you i. I've done a shopping and the packages. I've warned our team today. That i got to listen for the door when packages or drop because we have some porch pirates in the neighborhood so got to be careful and get them. But what's interesting in your neighborhood. It's a good neighborhood. It's just they know the packages that are delivered a really good too. But what's interesting is. When i order i think about what's the exchange policy. How easy it. How much is it going to cost for shipping back and forth because i love shopping online but often ordering multiple sizes and doing things like that but i look at the store policies and that really determines where i shop a lot. Now that's a very good point. And i think consumers are going to become more and more wary and informed about those types of things and also the key crunch point is the delivery times and you know i think predictions are now that pretty much december eleventh is going to be the cutoff. I keep hearing different opinions on the one hand. A lot of people say oh. Consumers are much more forgiving. They recognize the crunch on retailers And so of packages don't arrive on time. They're much more forgiving. And i keep thinking to myself. They're forgiving until december twenty four..

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