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Or he goes freelance or whatever it was and to pick six the other way. And all of a sudden the saints are off and running like both these seems have to feel fortunate that they got the winds they got last week. And both these teams I feel go into this game saying even though the saints have the number one rush defense in football. Which shocking. I didn't believe it when I saw even Rand? rand. And maybe that tell you. Because teams were throwing them so much early. But regardless you'll the Rams and good at forcing turnovers. Both these teams know the way we win. This game is keep our offense on the field. The saints are second league in points per drive the range of third in the league points drive. These the two most prolific offenses outside of Kansas City. This is going to be a game to me about which quarterback can make the most plays. I know what Todd Gurley is going to do. I'm comfortable incompetent what Ingram and Kamarck. How confident are you in what Jared Goff can do? Because Tom talked about earlier. That's what I'm saying. Because I feel like you'll last year has he really made that next step. I don't know because he has boy wonder over there put them in positions yet skill players that every position I wanna see how does he perform in a precious put on him. They identified that. They really didn't have a pass rush outside pass rusher. They went on a made the move Dante file I think that was a mission when they couldn't get to air Rogers last week that they needed some help on a defensive side. You talk about running a ball. And we'll walk you run the ball. Adam of all that because they have Mark Barron who converted you'll safety and sitting there trying to anchor is great when you want to do all these complex coverages and blitz and things like that. But what happens we run directly at a two hundred and twenty pile linebacker, you get movement, and what happens is when you run that. And he can't use that speed to get over the top run past blockers and you make it a man's game. You make it a fight in the phone booth. And that's what you wanna do. You wanna make it a fight in the phone booth and we've seen tame Dudas before. But the problem is can you stay patient can stay committed to the run understanding that they're going to have opportunities because they are going to fear drew Brees as well. So they're not gonna have that you're gonna have that light box. And then now you can spread them out and you run directly at at mar baron, and I don't think he can hold up. I like the point about Mark baron. That's a great point..

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