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Whether we want to admit it or not have been somewhat strained by player skipping bowls. So the undertaker. Yeah. That makes a difference. Now, having your best corner. LSU didn't have their best corner either. They win the game. But they didn't have a lot of their guys. And that game still incomplete to me, I know LSU won. But it still felt a little and complete and Michigan. They don't have their two best players in Florida. Just run circles around them would have made a difference. I don't know. But I mean, it takes a little bit out of it for me, Paul when you don't have some of the best players playing, and I know it's not their fault. And it's their decision. But it's just how it is. Bill before we turn the page two weeks ago three weeks ago that the narrative everywhere was we're about to see playoff expansion, and then seemed like everything that could go wrong for that argument went wrong. Although we still know the president and the commissioners will meet Monday morning out in in California. Where are we right now? And are we going to see change in in the immediate future or not too distant future? Disconnect because everytime you talked to Bill handcock and some people involved there. They say there's not an appetite for it. When there seems to be an appetite from either those that miss out, or I I the those that want more the we're only five years deep in the fourteen Mira. And I think some of the expansion talk is brought on by the same teams getting into the plow over and over and over again. But to that point Paul if we had sixteen teams, don't you think Alabama and Clemson would still be the final two? I think that's the problem. We're dealing with in college football that when I talked to you in July. We were I was saying Alabama and Clemson for the title and had zero hesitation doing it. And I would probably say today, Alabama and Clemson next year unless something goes horribly wrong. There has been a conversation about here are two teams in the extreme southern part of the country playing in Silicon Valley. I know that that's really not what this is about the two teams play regardless of where the site is. But but do you think a three quarters or half empty stadium? Monday night matters very much to this college football playoff narrative. I think the ticket price stories getting over played a little bit because it's expensive to go out there. I mean, I live in Ohio are it's expensive to fly to California from Ohio. It's going to be expensive for the fans to go out there. And I think that is a little bit of a problem. The if there are a lot of empty seats that will get played a little bit. Now at this game was in Atlanta New Orleans, which it will be next year. This won't be a story at all. Because you're in a place where I mean, if you had Texas and Ohio State at New Orleans, you would think they could fill that up. So I do think this Bill the pack off couldn't come close to filling up its own championship game in this stadium. That's the Pac twelve issue. That's not an point is it's the schools were nearby. I mean, it's this is this is a tough place. This is not a good market for college football. And maybe that's one of the problems is they're trying to foresee it in places where it doesn't hit. I mean, we'll see when we get out there. What the interest level with Macao the end, but I'm gonna soom it's not very high. But you know, there's pockets in the south obviously and up here where I live in big ten country. If they had this thing in Indianapolis. I think a lot of fans from the south would come up here in vice versa. If it was Michigan and somebody in Atlanta in a championship that they're yes, they're going to travel..

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