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Harper versus freddy freeman max muncie versus havi by as alex bregman versus kyle schwarzer that's how the brackets go for the homerun derby i love what they did the homerun derby in going back to twenty fifteen in cincinnati that was the todd frazier year when they put it on the clock they made it so exciting it went from kind of a you know sleeper event aside from know a big night like josh hamilton ten years ago now geez that was that was ten years ago in josh hamilton crazy yankee stadium they really spruced up the event that's great but how about another homerun derby just before that homerun derby a celebrity slash alumni homerun derby and they get to us bats you're saying we're going to bring barry bonds back and mark mar back for aluminum yes i think that would be a great idea and billy crystal and whatever random celebrity wants to take part in this can do it as well yeah steely dan okay the only the only thing about that is i am afraid somebody now feel bleachers would get hurt well we'd have to have some clients but that was my thought like people have said boy what of the major league homerun derby you know involved aluminum bats and yeah that that's like a decapitation waiting to happen but i don't know i'm just thinking fifty something year old barry bonds i mean yeah you can i i don't know what the exit velocity would be on that but maybe it would be a little less problematic than than current major leaguer but yeah you bring up a point maybe put up some nets or something i don't know what we'd have to do but i think the people the people of park avenue rob manfred tony petit i think they i think they want to embrace anything like that like that would be fun right that would be fun to see those guys come back recent players come back and play and i'm all for that all right so we just changed the all star game folks but now i think we'll stick with no funds to myself but i think we'll stick with the current setup for all star week because it's fun yeah always always looking forward to getting out there so always a good time richard before though before we get to the all star week they're still allowed of baseball to be played this weekend what he watch in this weekend i got the bay bridge series and especially tonight edwin jackson versus madison bumgarner not playing better than the as right now the giants are solid it the bay bridge series is four something this year it is it's interesting because obviously the giants have much better division setup and yet the worst record then the as and yet the as as part of a product of of their strong record actually have a slightly according to fan grass slightly stronger chance of reaching tober than do the giants so interesting of both those clubs sneak into cobra this year i got the continuation of yankees indians at progressive field that's that's just disley you know too strong ale contenders and both of them need some help at the trade deadline the unions in the bullpen the yankees in the rotation and then we got the futures game on sunday richard and we'll be there at nationals park for that elliott four o'clock eastern on sunday on mlb network and so you know if your regular club is playing at that time or around that time just multitask you know you can get the tv set up or flip back and forth because always good to keep one eye on the present one i in the future and it's it's amazing how quickly guys filter in the big leagues in this day and age when you look at guys like ozzy albee's glacier torres twenty one years old and the impact they're making as all stars here in twenty teens so won't be long before the guys in this futures game are at a big league park near you we'll be back on monday from washington dc until then my thanks to richard justice joey votto jim duquette and to our producer marisa morris we'll talk to you soon have a great weekend everybody.

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