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Democracy group free group press free press here he here takes he a critical takes a look critical at look what the at at what the and at t time and t warner time merger warner will merger mean for will consumers mean for consumers and the danger and the danger inherent inherent in the increasing in the increasing consolidation consolidation of media of media ownership ownership well this well is part this is part of of a new wave a new wave of of of media of consolidation media consolidation that really that really was triggered was triggered many years many ago years ago when when comcast comcast bought nbc bought nbc universal universal what we're seeing what we're seeing with comcast with comcast nbc nbc or now or seeing now at seeing and t at time and t warner time warner is is a merger a merger of different of different types of types media of companies media companies you have you have very large very distribution large distribution companies companies like comcast like comcast which has which has is the largest is cable the largest internet cable provider internet provider in the country in three the and country three at and an and t at is and not t far is behind not far in behind terms of their in terms internet of their services internet services they're they're they're buying they're up buying up content content properties properties nbc nbc universal universal has a number has of a television number of television and cable and stations cable stations movie production movie production studios studios and the like and the like the same the same is true is true with many with in many many regards in many with regards time warner with time which warner owns which hbo owns hbo and cnn and cnn so you have so distribution you have distribution companies companies taking over taking over content creation content creation companies content companies production content production companies companies and you creating and you creating what are called what are massive called massive vertically vertically integrated integrated media companies media companies that control that distribution control distribution as well as as creation well as creation of content of and content there are and a number there are of a reasons number of to reasons be concerned to be concerned about that about that primarily primarily one of the one of the concerns that concerns free press that has free press has is that is that these companies these companies now now that they control that they control distribution distribution v of our v high speed of our internet high speed internet and content and creation content creation have have have even have more even of more an inclination of an inclination to to prioritize prioritize information information over the internet over to the internet violate to violate what's called net what's neutrality called net neutrality the principle the principle that allows that allows internet users internet users to choose to choose what what they want to they watch want to and watch and and and and where they and wanted where to go they online wanted to go online that rule that was rule done away was done by away the by trump the administration trump administration and these and companies these are companies now merging are now in.

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