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United States. I really do his opinion on Eric. Erickson the information you need and the truth you math tells it like it is live every weekday day. I promise I haven't been passively aggressive with the pound cake recipe that promised like three days in a row I would send out. I know listen. I'm sorry life gets in the way. Sometimes life gets in the way I will get it to you though. I WanNa play some audio for you. This is news Katie Simpson. She's with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Let's start with the Canadians. We'll move the Americans. I think a significant question that Canadians ed particularly the families of these victims are going to have is Are Sixty three Canadians dead because of the the unintended did consequences of decision made by the US president. And that's going to be a big question because there have been very significant questions and concerns raised here in Washington Washington about why the United States decided to act. Why did decide to kill? Iran's top general when it did the United States states talk officials in the trump administration have publicly said there was There was evidence that showed a general Solani posed an imminent threat to American can lives. However lawmakers particularly Democrats have come forward to say the information they have been provided on top secret basis? does not satisfy the questions they have does not answer the questions about okay. What was that imminent threat? Why did you decide to do this? What exactly was at risk? Who was exposed? Why did the trump administration decided to make this who've now because of course the consequences Many had feared in the United States and and around the world those consequences would be quite significant. You just heard a Canadian reporter essentially blamed Donald Trump for this. Listen the Chris Cuomo's discussion on CNN. The ability to escape responsibility off for this. There's this suggestion all they'll probably blame the United States will. How forensically are you going to be able to determine where these missiles came from if they let the NTSB in on the investigation as has been ping pong back and forth? The latest word is that that Iran would let Boeing the manufacturer have a representative there. which may well be an NTSB REP to go? Would you be able to rule out that this was anybody but them and then how do you escape responsibility. Well you would be able to to rule out who it wasn't right. I don't know if you'd say who it was or why they did what they did. But it's definitely we can do rebuilds if you'd remember the mate seventeen Accident that was that was a different missile. It was the I believe is the Mr fifty-six boop Nestle but that was a a different set it was much more sophisticated but at the same time we were able to reconstruct it. Sure exactly where those penetrations went in where they came from and in fact we know there was three meters years from the cockpit when that explosion happen and sending shrapnel into the airplane so from this we can take that shrapnel take that aircraft and those pieces and do a reconstruction and find out nearly exactly where where it exploded in the direction in which way it came from so the facts will show who has to own this whether it will be on and what it means going forward. We're going to take up later in the show but it's not in dispute at this point that the Iranians are the ones who launched the the missiles to shut it down. The United States did not blow up an airliner. But if you listen to most of the press coverage you would think. Donald Trump is personally responsible for blowing up Ukrainian airliner leaving Iran which is absolutely not true trump derangement syndrome is polluting the press. All righty eighty welcome back it. Is Eric Erickson here. I've got joining me on the phone. Assuming this is working because I'm routing it myself since my call screeners killing hogs. I've got Chris Burns the phone with me. How are you antagonistic? Eric or user. I am great. I wanted to get you on the phone. I'm glad I can do this. y'All I'm literally routing my Cell Phone by Bluetooth Bluetooth to the mixer in the studio on my own on the fly because I got a call screener hall cutting now. I wanted to get you on. Chris Bird's not only guests does but the head of dynamic money the This jobs report now. One hundred sixty thousand that Statisticians an all were expecting but still really good. They'll really solid and much of we've seen honestly for the last.

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