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Products and workflows trained on more than fifty thousand hours of human transcribed verbatim speech data covering a wide range of topics revved. I offers developers unparalleled speech. Recognition accuracy with word error rates lower than similar solutions from major players like amazon and google. They provide a single speech model tuned for all of your multimedia content regardless of accents dialects or audio quality for both it's a synchronous and streaming. Api's built by developers for developers. Red dot is api based approach enables businesses to reduce time to market and integrated speech to text features in mere hours. Not days or weeks. And if your company's growing into new territories revved day. I is now available in thirty one languages for eastern audio to help you do business around the world. You can transcribe our long files in less than a minute. And there's a ninety nine point nine percent guaranteed up time with a twenty four hour on call security team to try rev dot free for your first five hours. Visit software engineering daily dot com slash rav dot. Ai panther is a cloud native security analytics company built by veteran team of security practitioners from high tech companies. Like airbnb and amazon. They're helping to address modern security challenges. Go cloud native. There are two things that any growing organization needs speed and scale you can analyze all of your critical security data with no overhead or extra infrastructure. Required panther gives you security code. Give your team. The power of security is code with python detections and developer friendly workflows for finding threats. Fast and easy. There's open data. You can leverage existing. Bi tools like tableau click and more to build advanced security reports metrics and visualizations with zero copy data transfer security for business speed and scale the cloud native security analytics platform designed by panther alleviate. The pain of traditional security products panthers built for speed flexibility customization and pet bite scale. You get real time. Alerts with python detections security automation and you could bootstrap your security data lake. All using panther process normalized data from across your environment to build a scalable security data lake in aws or snowflake that grows with your business checkout panther at run panther dot co slash s daily and. Learn about a modern security platform that can grow with your needs. That's run panther dot. io slash s daily..

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