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All right today is January thirtieth. Twenty nineteen January is already almost done guys coming to you from south, Philadelphia and mooresville Charlotte. Where are you today? Martin. I am in Charlotte today like an nomad. How you doing dude? It's fucking brand new week. Just so the listeners know Kevin hasn't talked to me about soccer since Friday for whatever reason. I I don't doing great. How are you doing? Kev, don't even get me started. I uploaded the Manchester. United supporters organizational Boston podcast last night. And I already told you like I was literally in enemy territory at a bar filter flake fifty to seventy just Man United supporters, singing and chanting and dancing on my grave Jesse Lynn guard. So Jesse lindgaard destroyed your state, and you. Gone where we're going to get to that. We're going to get to that. But Boston was a lot of fun. Just wanna say thank you again to Chris Jimmy will Amman everyone at Man United Boston. You guys are fucking awesome. Again, Irish pub, I think Chrissy was the owner who came over during the middle of the podcast. There was like what are you guys doing over here with these microphones? And I was like Chrissy tend to be on the podcast. You have anything to say and choosing. In just like ran away. So thank you all to that. Big apologies to the Boston blues. The Chelsea guys supposed to interview with you on Sunday for your FA Cup match against Sheffield Wednesday believe you guys played and I had a family emergency. So I could not do the interview. But I'll be back up in Boston. I was up there for information session for grad school. So hopefully, I'll get in thoughts and prayers for Kev even more now with arsenal, you know, doing arsenal things, but the sides that Martin you do right. Oh, yeah. I mean, just the typical working I'm covered in dirt and grease at all times. So that's always been fun. But the fucking soccer in twenty nineteen has been amazing. The news has been fucking amazing. So I'm living my best life in this twenty nineteen ehre. I think. It's only proper that right now. I'm drinking the champagne of beers. Now. Unfortunately, because I was supposed to stop at the grocery store and pick up some beer and food on the way home, but laziness took over and the need to pod took over. So I'm drinking fucking God. Damn Miller lite tonight. A five out of ten Kev five out of ten. I'm drinking PBR, and I'm biased because I'm a hipster fuck as you know, and I will be giving my PBR my blue collared beer now taken over by hip series. A six out of ten because it's just you know, my beer of choice and you'd be hard fine defined it in Boston. God I went to this buji bar. I was just telling you before the show started, and it was like five dollars Miller highlife bottles. There's no beers on draft at this bar. I went to fuck in the shots were eleven dollars shots for like house, whiskey or like also is it cold? Like, I've heard people call it house whiskey for the cheapest whiskey. I've also heard a call it starts with an r like road. Well, I well, yeah, I need to find out the correct term because I hope I ask for the right thing. Because when I got the Bill back, and it was like eleven and I bought like for four people, and I went I went forty four dollar. I. Maybe one of yours. It made me wanna puke more than the whiskey into tequila shots. I took that night. So that was Boston is your so boozy like I'm excited to move there. No. But God damn it seems like the good soccer like culture, and like, you know, like everyone pretty jazzed about soccer up there. So good for them. Go go Boston. You guys have always struggled with your sports teams. Never have you know, a bad time with any of your sports team. So good thing. You have a good soccer culture. All right Marin before we get we were going to be talking about the magic of the FA Cup because the FA Cup is back. Uh says the media have been pooh-poohing. You know, dropping our trousers all over that they Cup. And you know, what the FA Cup is. Well as back, man. But before we get into that..

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