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The two million dollar Bill by North Korean officials. He called then secretary of State Rex Tillerson who in turn called President Trump, and that they instructed into sign the agreement so warm beer could be released one twenty on WBZ. We'll check traffic and weather together next. On March Kate. I'm Steven Cates. Sounds like man that I know. But let's get started. We talked about our employees and how important it is to have people that we can count on as owners of the company customizing employees like family to us. We have a truck driver who's been with us. Now, forty five years Arne is a big guy strong guy. He used to love taking off Lally columns off the trucks he asked for the loads that were the toughest lows. So he's been with us forty five years in key came and stayed with me for four days when he got stranded in the blizzard of nineteen seventy eight and couldn't get home. And we had a great time. Now that in Arnie's just one of many great employee. Visit national lumber showrooms for jeld wen windows and doors. Really? It's we though visit national dash lumber dot com. Mercedes-benz spring event is in full bloom at Mercedes Benz of Westwood. We're driving Mercedes Benz as fast fair and simple right now, experienced the all new twenty nineteen Mercedes-Benz c three hundred now four thirty nine a month or find out how innovative luxury needs performance with a new twenty nineteen Mercedes-Benz G L C three hundred only four seventy nine a month. I'm David Rosenberg CEO, the prime motive crime practice price transparency because when you know all the pricing data front yard in control Gherardi in the driver's seat. Dumber savings Ben spring events where driving Mercedes Benz fast, fair and simple her savings Benz. Westwood proud member. Privata groups Westwood collection on the auto mile shop MB Westwood dot com. With ten fees. Security see format forty thirty two hundred forty seven -ception position included before nineteen hundred CS for details. Listening to busy during your communities and easy way. Multitasking that keep you informed while you get where you need to go. But in this sport, speaker technology, stay informed at home, just as easy. News radio. One twenty three. These did is time for traffic and weather together. Let's give the Subaru retailers of England all wheel drive traffic on the threes is raunchy geeks out to the roads, here's Kevin again. Southbound.

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