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You're talking about performances of the season for the blue jackets, this is not one you hang up on the refrigerator. They drop it four to nothing at home against the Washington Capitals. For the first time this year. The blue jackets were shot out. They have also not shut out an opponent all season long the Ohio lottery. Three stars of the game. Third. Star is Travis Boyd. He had the final goal of the contest. Alex Ovechkin who had one right out in front and an assist is the second star of the game and Brayton Hopi who blanks. The blue jackets tonight stopping all twenty eight shots is the first star of the game. Well, the jackets lost one the other day against Calgary on home ice by nine six final. And after the game. John Tortorella saw some positives in the game. Obviously giving up nine goals is no kind of good what it was an extraordinarily high rate of scoring chances that went in. In for Calgary. Tonight. The blue jackets there were a lot of missed coverages. The energy seemed to be lacking at times, and it just didn't work out too. Well, well, let's head down to the dressing room. Now Bob Miguel again and the rest of the media are with the boys. Certainly not the way you want to open this homestand against the team that you're near battle for first place. What happened in especially I know it's disappointing. We've gotta find a way to to fix our home record communities. Not it's not acceptable. When you're trying to become a great team. Got a good lesson in what a first place team looks like tonight. We're right there. You know, all game all year and then getting ourselves in that position. But I don't see us doing the things necessary to win hockey games on the crucial times. And they did they they'd played the right way. You know, we just we were flat in the first and kinda got caught watching and it's unacceptable. Early ones in the first pretty tough isn't to chase that team. Yeah. And they know how to win you know, there are team that knows how to Winston together lead. They they just do the simple things. Good plays to making come come through five guys. And you know, for whatever reason we get down. We try to kind of fracture ourselves in the sense that we try to do one on one place too much. Guys, trying to be here as I love the vacation. I love that. You guys wanna wanna be a difference maker? But you gotta do it as a unit gotta do is a five man unit. And I just didn't see enough of that tonight. And it's a good lesson for us tonight, and you have to take lessons it's early in the season. But this huge home stand for us. And we gotta find a way to to rectify the problems that we're having here at home, and it's energy. It's attitude, and it's gotta come a long way. Thanks, kevin. Nick, Selena will go over here from..

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