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For 063. That's 4063 in sports. The Patriots ruling out running back Damian Harris and wide receiver Donte Moncrief for tomorrow's game against the Dolphins kickoff in Miami at one o'clock elsewhere in the NFL Saturday, NFL football happening today, the bills winning the A F. C East tonight with their win over the Denver Broncos. Buffalo, putting the beat down on Denver 48 19 the last time the Bills won the F C East was way back in 1995 their quarterback, Josh Alan wasn't even born yet he was born in 1996. S E. C championship going on in college football number one Alabama leading number seven Florida 21 to 10. It's 27 degrees in Boston at 907 Time for the Morgan Show. I'm Dan Watkins WBZ. Boston's news radio. This is the Morgan Show. Morgan. Why Junior call 617254 10 30 joined the group and hang up with Morgan WBC news radio 10 30 Do do do do three hours to end this week. Because a new week begins at midnight becomes Sunday. So I've gotta show plan naturally. And naturally, something has gone awry. Neil Savion, who I spoke with just the other day. For whatever reason. Isn't where he should be. So I'm just gonna hope that he will return here. The message Andrew left him. Call, and we will then proceed to talk about the network of me TV. And 10 o'clock. Phil Kasten. Eddie will be here from sports world. And there's 11 o'clock, and I do hope Susan is listening to weeks ago, Lady named Susan. Requested of me to get Barbara Feldon. Success. She's scheduled to be on tonight at 11. And When I called her No. A lot of people have phone ID's. And she went Morgan. No. Hello. Oh, good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Morgan, How were you Happy holidays. And it's nice to be recognized. By my name. And she Has committed to being on tonight at 11, so that's my show. Next week and to fielding would be will be here with his homespun. Perspectives and I guarantee you If you've never heard me with Andrew Fielding before. It's two hours you'll enjoy And that's next week and I forget what's going on at night. Look it up during the break and Be able to take it from there. So I'm assuming now that I've done some backing and filling, as we say in the radio I've got Neil Saving Neil. Good evening, huh? Hi. I am here. Your call went into my spam and said it was a call from Russia. Oh, no, no. Yeah, yeah. I think messing up our communications enough. Please. Yeah, well, don't give up your landline. That's all I can say. I won't And now that you're here And this is our sixth year together. In the fall, and I know it becomes winter in a day, but To me, it's still fall and I record is still intact. What News of me TV Do you want to share with the audience? I know that Every year. You talked about whatever old programming you're bringing back. So I'll let you take everybody down Whatever road you choose. Well. The big, exciting thing is that it's me TVs 10th Anniversary. We started 10 years ago on December 15th. You and your audience in Boston have been tremendously supportive of everything we do. And the big news is is that we have classic cartoons, theatrical animation, joining our lineup shortly. And a brand new every Monday through Friday morning show that features cartoons and some brand new meat, TV personalities, But I think you're really gonna like So there's the big news. Well, let's talk about the cartoons first. What well known cartoon characters and now going to be on your schedule. Well, we have been asked to have classic cartoons on me TV Almost since the day we started and We have been able after many years of working on this to bring really the best cartoons ever made. To our network. They are all originally made for theaters We don't have made for TV cartoons coming on board. We have the original Warner Brothers, Looney Tunes and Merrie melodies. It's feature all of the Bugs Bunny's All the daffy Ducks on the road Runner's all those classics from the thirties forties fifties and sixties, But US boomers grew up with And the characters that are timeless and everybody knows And we also have all of the MGM cartoons that were made for the theaters such as As us What's that droopy dog, Bernie Berry? Barney Bear All the Tex Avery cartoons, all the Hanna Barbera cartoons that they made it, MGM We really have we have well over 1000 total cartoons and not to be undone. We have all the classic Popeye cartoons that were made from the 19 thirties through the fifties. All those great old black and white ones where it wasn't Brutus, it was blue toe. And an olive oil in the gang. And they're really terrific cartoons that next Fleischer made and we'll throw in a Betty Boop every once in a while and some other surprises, too. So Get ready for hundreds and hundreds of cartoons to begin on. Need TV on Saturday, January 2nd, Okay? And Have you ever met Fred Grandinetti? I don't know, Fred. I know Fred Flintstone. Same well, Fred Grandinetti who way back in 1980. With my first producer. And he was addicted to the Fleischer cartoons. Popeye Betty Boop, etcetera. And he is written a couple of books on Popeye. And I think If you want. Let me know if you want his phone number and I'll call you with it. Leader this week. No one will love that, actually. Yeah, I actually have a pop. I poke and I never knows who wrote it. So during the break, I'll go see if that's the one I have is. The cover has popped out here on the bar himself. Background is kind of bluish. If I remember correctly, But I'll give you a call Monday or Tuesday and give you his phone number because I don't think there's anyone on the planet that knows more about the history of Popeye. So well, it's a great cartoon, and I think people are gonna love seeing these after many, many years. It's probably been maybe 30 years since things were on free TV. And we're thrilled to bring them back. And in our morning show we have Name some day where we show cartoons about a certain thing through all of the different stars, or we just show some of the best ones and people I think are really gonna like waking up. The show will be on in Boston at 7 A.m. to 8 a.m. every Monday to Friday. Then on Saturday morning from 7 to 10 will do three hours of back, in fact, about cartoons with all the stars right there on the TV Boston Which is on WCVB Channel 5.2. And it's on Comcast Channel 9 42 and 11 80. And all those other Boston systems like Atlantic Broadband. It's 2 95 are standard 29 5 toes. Or 61 that the whole bingo pad with the numbers here that you can find on you confined him on the me tv dot com site for Boston, and we've got all the New Hampshire numbers, too. Speaking of cartoons..

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