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Ella Fitzgerald swinging Gershwin on WNYC recorded in nineteen fifty seven at the Shrine, Auditorium the house that Oscar. Built so many Academy Awards shows came from. There but on this particular October night in, fifty seven lady Ella was in the company of jazz, royalty, ROY, Eldridge Jay, Johnson. Sonny Lester, young, Illinois Jacquet. Coleman, Hawkins STAN Getz flip. Phillips Oscar Peterson, herb. Ellis Ray, Brown, and Kati. K., on drums holy cow Only? When Thomas Jefferson? Dined alone is there a better jam session at Monticello how about that elyssa. Sings early into that ad-libbing scat singing, version of a lady be good I wanna rock. And roll No? Be careful what? You wish for ELA looking back at the charts on the week of October. Twenty fifth nineteen fifty seven That incredible swinging date that we. Just heard Rock, and roll record that, was just about. Topping the charts was Elvis Presley's jailhouse rock. I, don't think would have suited Ellis style however the actual number one single could a worked for this. One sat between rock and roll and hootenanny this is Jimmie Rodgers Well that's good Life and it's, kind of Nicole Comb The ones we fall From marion May be baby.

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