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The alien rumors about area fifty one have not been with his forever i mean if you have no one knew about this space for a long period of time until 1989 when bob lazar who uh who worked claimed we worked very fifty one he lived in las vegas bob lazar claimed that he had worked at the secret facility to discover the secrets of crashed alien hardware and that is what kicked off nearly three decades of conspiracy theories and speculation in about extraterrestrials in extraterrestrial bodies kept in ice at erie fifty one and this is why you know you see movies like independence day where the bodies of the aliens are in some fluid somewhere and it being kept at area fifty one so far aliens or bodies already the bile logically usid eric of daughter of i've seen it already thirty one none of them have been declassified and it will be classified indefinitely i think but it's reported though that ufo sightings near that base are reported daily near rachel nevada people go out there they go to the with they call the mailbox and then once you go past the mailbox you'd be harassed by the military or uh ag g who were last i heard of the contract could will know wackenhut aegean g they are the security guys that that basically do the security for area fifty one and ugly proving ground the reason why no this is because what i went to dugway to do a report i was actually harassed by not by military personnel i was actually harassed by uh officials for wackenhut and they're they actually escorted me and my crew uh off the property and followed us with their police lights on until we got out tool a county which is just outside of where the great salt lake is so we were dugway out the west as irs of utah looking for of course the new area fifty one or the area where they said we remove some of the projects two when we were there we ran into problems in the rest is history i mean if you put it somewhere on the internet there's a scene where i'm being actually stopped by the military in the.

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