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I think certainly that was the single most talked about moment in the nonsense season. The mother moment that people were really looking forward to was Burberry men. I'm curious to hear your point of view on the impact that Ricardo may with his first show. I. I didn't know what to I really didn't know what to expect. I guess I was guardedly optimistic because I thought that viral campaign with the new monogrammed. A new monogram was very funny. I thought it was very smart and it was it was global and the head sort of funny wit wit to it. So I guess I was God the optimist about the show. I think it was very much a throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. Kind of show me. They're one hundred and thirty something looks. There was too much. It was way way too much by the time. The handful of black evening dresses appeared at the end. They just seem seemed like such an afterthought. He kind of wondered why they even there and then thinking about what will recover to bring to Burberry. It was such it was. It was such a kind of odd fit. I'm I mean. It seemed like an odd fit you, but you couldn't imagine them throwing the baby out with the bath water. So I think the first forty two looks will like Ricardo tissue show. The next the next section which was street wear and also Ricardo's expertise in things like switch some t shirts. And so I sort of funky appeal. So that was sort of knock quite high low. But you know there was a sort of bit of a dialogue going on there. Lost me. The first thing was that was a sort of different take on Burberry was was quite had that sort of weird retarded tissue Russia's system. And I don't think there's ever been. There was ever a time under Christopher Bailey where people Say, Bory was erotic. Now. Which which seem quite promising. I'm that's always interesting direction to explore it. I don't know. I gain the, we'll see what happens when it hits stores, but there is, you know, these people knew have. Really, really loyal constituencies, like Ricardo, like Eddie. Like just, you know, the sort of. Follow his. Majors, they'll show it depends how many of them are. Yeah, and and also where they in the devotion because you have a favorite rook style. We'll say Repub stuff you have pop set on. He's he or she is not your favorite pop stuff forever. On Burberry just for another minute. You're one of the things that I think burglary is trying to own this idea of being the British luxury brand. So Marco, go Batty. The CEO has made it very clear that he wants to take the business market bit higher end than it was before..

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