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To be your best player, he's your captain, is your talisman. He's supposed to be head and shoulders above pretty much anybody else. I would counter that Brendan and say to you that I think the best player in your team is Brendan aronson. And I think little Brendan aronson, who is what, 21 years old, 20 years old, from Philadelphia, formerly of the union. I'm right, right? And he, I think, having watched him play for leads this season in the Premier League, Brendan aronson, if you're looking for a player to follow to love, to see real work ethic, passion, dedication, and talent. For me, he knocks pulisic off the park. Well, you're exaggerating. Frankly, you've gone too far. I think. You know the Oreo chestnut of a football phrase form is temporary class is permanent and politic is class. And I think at Chelsea, he's just having a hard time and he's being made to sink to that much and they keep putting him at fucking wingback. Yeah, that's right. I said fucking wing back. I'll give a fuck. And but you're right, Brendan's playing amazingly well, despite his inability to spell his own first name correctly. He's been amazing. I would say Tyler Adams, his teammate it leads, has been even better than he has been. But I think it is folly to say that either of them are better than Christian. But Christian now needs to prove it. But now let's talk about England. Now folks, here's the thing about England. Here's the thing about it. They won the World Cup in 1966. They invented the game as they're still fond of saying they codified it. And then they were so good for so long, they wouldn't even condescend to go to world cups. World cups were beneath them. And then when they finally went to a World Cup in 1950, who did they lose against about the United States of America, which was mostly comprised of a bunch of dudes from St. Louis and a dishwasher from Haiti and our goalkeeper stood on his head and the mighty England were defeated. Now, England has not done much of anything since that 66 World Cup win, they made it to the semifinals in 90 as Rebecca so finally recalls, they made it to the semifinals also in 2018. And then the European Championship final in 2021 Rebecca, my opening question is, it seems especially given the 2018 performance that England do best when expectations are low. And expectations are a great, great burden on this team historically. At least in the 21st century, disgust. I would agree with that. I would agree that we do poorly when expectations are high. The problem is that expectations on the England team right now coming off the 2018 semifinals and the 2020 or 2021 European Championship final, which we lost on penalties since they've penalties again to Italy. The expectation should be high, right? Based on our recent prowess under Gareth, Southgate. However, our form since the summer of 21 has been nothing short of abysmal. And I think there are low expectations. The problem with England, right, is this. English people and football and the England national team. We can try our hardest, right? To lower expectations, we can say, oh, we're not very good. We haven't been very good for about a year and a half, so we're not going to win the World Cup, but then just in our dreams, we lie there in a quiet moment. And it starts to just trickle into the brain, but we're England, and that we invented this for. And we are we are dual World Cup. And it could just happen in 2022, because we have Phil Foden. We have Harry Kane. We have no defense, but we'll get on to that later, but we have some good, if not great players. So I'm going to agree with you when expectations are high. We're rubbish. The problem is, expectations are pretty much always high. No matter what for England and that's a problem. Well, sometimes it's realistic and sometimes it isn't. And this time, I think it is realistic. I think, again, their form has not been great this year, but it's hard to it's hard to get up for a nation's league game in Bulgaria or whatever or Hungary. When you've been to the heights that they've been to in the last three years, but Rebecca, you're glowing tribute to the potential of your nation's football team brings us to a feature that we like to call. Optimist.

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