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You gotta play to win. He kicks a field goal. On fourth and one. It was like a 27 yard. Beautiful because you need points. Your vise around. You play chart in front of you. Let me see what the math says The Mass as you need to win the game and to be Aaron Rodgers. You don't need field goals. You need touchdowns. So for them to kick a field goal to go upend the seven. Okay, that's great and then, literally 90. Seconds later, Aaron Rodgers goes down the field for a 72 yard touchdown pass. They kicked four field goals in a game they lost by 19 loser mentality. You can't coach like a coward, and that guy does. Honesty point. What do you make of keeping Mr Biscuit is the starting quarterback or at least as the quarterback? I don't know if there are better options available in a perfect world like if I was the GM of the Bears. I would entertain every past its ability to trade for two Shawn Watson, who's the quarterback of the Houston, Texas. They didn't draft them. They didn't draft the homes. We know we move on from that. But now you have an opportunity to right a wrong Mitch Stravinsky is not going to win many playoff games. If any, I just don't see it. I mean, he hasn't won one yet. They've been into the Cody Parky double double going. They lost that game to the Eagles at the seven point favorite. They should have one and they didn't And he was awful against the Saints. He's not going to take them to the promised land. But why wouldn't you get aggressive and at least you know, try and pick up the phone and see what the Houston Texans want? Because if you bring it to Shawn Watson Who is a dual threat. Great passer good with his legs seems to be well liked in the room. That team is a train wreck in Houston, and I don't think he's gonna be there all that longer. You have to do your diligence and pick up the phone and make a phone call the same trade the farm for the Shawn Watson. But at least see what you have to do to make it a possibility. The problem is this management group in this regime. They are sort of tied to Mitch. Travis Key, Yeah. Of Travis Key does well in the Bears make the playoffs then. Okay, maybe maybe Mitch is okay. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this, Sam. Um Maybe you don't care what the answer is, But is it possible that you get rid of him? It's true, risky and then he goes in place for a team and then he's really good on a better team, and then you're kicking yourself because we could have kept him. But now look at that. His team is in the playoffs. This other team that he's on. It's a very good question. I wonder about this because I think the schematics don't help him. Mr Biscuit would be at his best in an offense that establishes the run right. If if you can run the football with success and move the chains and keep the defense honest that opens up Mitch Torbinski, the runner. And it opens up play action Play action is where Mr Biscuit can be a very decent quarterback. But the problem is they pass way more than they run and they put too much pressure on 10. That's the issue. He's not going to sit back in the pocket and pick teams off. That's never been the case. He needs to be a part of a fluid offense that has a plan to run the football and established that power run in the trenches and the bears. For whatever reason, whether it be personnel whether it be injuries, whether be idiotic, play calling. They refused to run the football. There are past first offense with a quarterback. That is not an accurate passer, and that's a recipe for disaster. Could the right coach save Mitch Strabinsky if he went to the Patriots if he went, you know X y Z. Maybe, but I think the combination of everything play calling, coaching and quarterback. It clearly isn't working, and they clearly aren't contenders. And yet they clearly don't get rid of the people in the front office, the coach or who else Who else would you like to see not be working for the Bears? The general manager. That's where you start. I mean the decisions rather easy. He's been there six years now. 39 wins 53 losses they've whipped on multiple quarterbacks. To head coaching whiffs. We've got one winning season. And they have no playoff wins. What more do you need to see? Give me some numbers. Now, let's just do this real quick. Then we'll take a break. Come back with some other topics, But so the bears any other numbers. I should know they're out of the playoffs, so we don't need to worry about that. I guess it's too soon to worry about what they're over under is for wins next year. What about the playoffs? Yeah, we won't have that number. What? What I can tell you is that the Bears were who they thought they were as steady. Green famously said no many years ago who wait, doctor. Well, if you look back at the season win total in Las Vegas, Las Vegas said the Bears were in eight went team That was the wind total. You could either bet over or under same number of points back eight wins. That's the number they finished 18 8. So they are who we thought they were. Well, What about the rest of the playoffs? Who we like it here? Oh, man. Well, you and I talked about Kansas City back in September. They were six. The one that won the Super Bowl there. No, hold on. Hold on. Hold on one second, Sam Ellis said. We gotta take a break here and we do. So let's pick it up here in just a minute, Sam pantheon of bitches on the line. And if you want to chime in, you've got a question or a comment. 3129817 200. This is WGN. Mm hmm. I believe it's the divisional round and you can follow all the action and pet online dot net on Saturday. Ella.

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