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But i think that the raiders defense is here to stay. I want better communication from the offense. I want early on versus ravens. A communication was not good. The raiders offense has never looked worse. Honestly i've never seen that rate. Look raider offense. Look as bad as they did early on the steelers come at russia's they're gonna come up blitzes. The offense has to be on a day game due to go toe to toe steelers. Do you just kind of attribute that shaky start at the offense had just to maybe not even playing together in preseason even though they have the scrimmages with the rams and i know they said you know this is all Even better than having a preseason game going through those inter-squad practices but You do feel like the kind of shaking rust or adjusting to the crowd or just working together in real time. We attribute it to. I think. I think let's start with car. I think that sometimes derek gets a little too ramped up. I think he gets a little. That might be you know just the the nerves and the crowd in front of me wants to go out there and make every throw perfectly so i think at first he was a little ramped up. I was trying to force the ball. The wall a lot but i think he was little. He i think in the second half he. Derek settled down a little bit and started making some smarter. Plays with the football. And it's hard. Heidi you gotta you gotta rookie left. Good goes down pretty early on in the game. You got andre james. That's a young player. That's never started that snapping. So you have you have johnson. Who's a young player. You have a lot of inexperienced online and no preseason games you just thrown these guys out there hoping that their work. You got the crowd going nuts. You got the ravens defensive. Lineman claes campbell. It was a huge task. So i think early on it was partners. I think as park communication you saw. What the front with the bad snap. You didn't see a lot of bad snaps. Rodney hudson a derek carr. Let's be honest. So i think they have the find that groove. I think a couple of games can take a couple games to get used to each other. Practice practice scrimmages scrimmages once the pads. Come on a game comes on. It's a different animals big. It's going to take a little bit of time but you can't take time when you're playing the steelers you can't take time with tj. That's off the edge and cam here where it's coming up in the middle. So this line specially with the injury to denzel. Good they need to stay. Need richie incognito back. I don't know what his deal is. I don't know if it's just lingering from last year or it's a new injury or you don't know what it is from richie. They desperately need especially in still game. Guy chain cognate on the field. Hopefully you can get healthy and get out there fisher and just because you are talking injuries..

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