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Coronavirus weeks ahead of schedule Tuesday the governor announced the expansion of laurel regional hospital providing another one hundred thirty five beds staff agreeing what elementary school organized a drive through food pantry and are happy to get back to the community teachers at the school collected non perishable items are working shifts of ten people to distribute the food the Maryland food bank donated over eight hundred eight thousand pounds of food and hope to continue for a while stocks rising even more than five percent today putting the market on track for its first three day rally in six weeks even as the astonishing scale of the downturn slamming the economy because of the corona virus becomes more apparent nearly three point three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week fifty five degrees reporting a one thirty one I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news running today as product developer rob Martin are you sure to report on an industry first shot when the product is called Jenny was sell our age so what's it all about rob well Bruce many of your listeners use a retinol skin product because originals minimize the appearance of wrinkles improves the skin's thickness elasticity they slow down the breakthrough of the break down of this collagen lightens brown spots I mean it sounds great but there's a big downside to the red Knowles because says the course peeling redness itching irritation if you have sensitive skin retinol may damage your skin in the long term wow so does Jenny is our age solve all those issues yes the ingredient agenda so are raised to live is the amazing age reversal effects of retinol with zero redness or irritation and human research shows significant improvement it lines wrinkles pigmentation elasticity firmness overall photo damage can be reversed no irritating effects on the skin at the same time the gender sell our race is really the first shrew retinal like if the aging product and unlike it is a big thing unlike retinol so you can wear the genius cell already in the sun yeah this is great news for sun lovers like me I love to get the vitamin D. from the sun okay I can't use the written all I wanted to use this because it's amazing but it's just too many side effects that I can't go in the sun now we solve that problem which is to sell our rage you better have a special introductory offer right now looking at a brand new Janice L. R. H. you order that and you'll get the gender.

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