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Do you want to enhance your natural texture and bring out your best frizz free curls and waves and are you ever tired of the time consuming daily rituals needed had to get them. Then you need the Infiniti pro by Konare texture styling hairdryer. What's the secret? You may ask well the patent pending diffuser attachment and Standard diffusers can blow out your curls and cause Frizz we'll INFINITI PRO by connors innovative and unique diffuser design will not disrupt curls or cause for the excessive airflow air continuously circulates through the vents to gently surround and dryer curly hair fast while promoting frizz free curls curls and waves so when I saw this when they first sent it to me I was nervous. 'cause my My memory of a diffuser was that it made my hair frizzy which I liked at the time because that was kind of what looked cool but now whatever they have done to update the diffuser aspect of this product is so so next level. Because when my hair's wet I can just do it. It dries it in a natural wave so I don't feel like I have to put more heat on it. And it drives gives it like a natural way texture which is awesome awesome also if he wanted to get a smoother and straighter. Look you can also use the concentrator attachment for sleek styles which is the little. It's almost like I thin little attachment that so it's specifically going on one spot combined with this dryers powerful. AC motor as well as its IONIC IN CERAMIC AMAC technology. You'll get the added bonus of even faster drying gentler heat in frizz free shiny looking hair so get the total look with the Infiniti pro by con on Air Texture. Styling Hairdryer so if you want to buy this you con Air Dot Com and search for textured hair that's con air dot com and search for textured hair with ethics and Tanya rat in I heart radio and two time people's choice award winning podcast the news. We are back in our feels like the first or stay at school back from winter break..

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