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809 60 15 75 809 60 15 75 relief for details. Visit optimistic dot com Never wait for weather Get the store Teammate forecast at the top at 30 past each hour on news radio w F L A We get to enjoy another day with low humidity still warm today with a high of 88 but comfortable and they'll be a breeze coming out of the East. Patchy clouds at times, but only attended percent chance of a shower overnight tonight, Still very nice with a low tonight of 72. But tomorrow's slightly more humans still just a 20% rain chance and not uncomfortable. The high of 89. Exercise caution out on the water. Those ones still coming out of the east attended 20 knots and season 2 to 3 ft. I'm backed up into rate meteorologist leased. The UV index is eight right now. Partly sunny 75 degrees in ST Petersburg. 68, Val Rico. And 70 at your severe weather station news radio. W F L A Next updated 8 15. I'm Chris trunk man. This is am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F L A Good morning. It is 11 after eight and we're just Ah, moment away here from Webb's world, and you certainly don't want to fail. You enjoy not missing that. But first of all, we're going toe. Put it on John Thomas here and see how you're doing.

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