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This is you know ninety six years lay sixty ninety fullfledged teenager but yes and i can drive drive into good pun on by the way i gotta give thank you how many times you see the monster tour the monster tour wanna say it was like six or seven they played three in atlanta and then there was like whatever was nearby i want to say it was like birmingham or whatever the southern southeastern ones i went to so and i remember the three in atlanta where the final shows of the tour and they were amazing and then the last the last night no one wanted was at the omni i think it was still called the omni and not philips arena or whatever it's called now finished green tour at the new to yeah i think that was always like the homecoming thing and then the last night of the three monster shows they turned on they played everything they played the encore in like no one wanted to leave and they just turned on all the lights and they were just kinda standing there like no one's leaving and they start playing wild thing wildly while everybody had the lights on standing there like yeah yeah seemed to major lead the very same but beams that wild she that would have been better when i was in high school and making zine 's i tried it's funny that you talked about us meeting that way because i've i've been that way since birth because i'm like a wanna be friends these guys i don't see why that can't happen and so i was in his soon as i knew that they had a fan club i was in it as well ten dollars a year which is slow.

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