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I'm your host Ardmore I'm getting schooled in a good way from doctor Emily Stein the bacteria was for and I think you guys are too I think we have good intentions of trying to make sure our pets are healthy from head to toe in my other life Dr Emily when I'm not behind a microphone or writing dozens of books I teach at first date that approved and I'm a master in it I actually teach the instructor program and one of the things we do is we encourage everybody to learn how to do determine what's normal and their dog or cat and that starts including the doing of inspection of the mouth and doing that beautiful breath test now so far my pet safety dog Kona who's out for years old is not causing anybody to pass out or I don't have to take the stairs instead of the elevator you know and things like that but it is a little chilling to me because she does use dog chews and you know things like that but I always thought well just as long as it says B. O. H. C. on it it should be a good to go but you kind of entered the saying how long its teeth been around it is it kind of a new product yeah we're brand new we launched in officially in February we started the pre order process and then in March we actually had synced manufacture products to manufacture everything in United States and super clean human grade ingredients and yes so so you you mentioned the U. H. C. there's a lot that I've learned over the past thirteen years in both on the human dentistry side and on the veterinarian side and so I think what we're going to be doing is educating everybody including that's about really what is dental disease how to define dental infection and gum disease how to treat it and how to think about nutrition appropriately and preventative approaches to help manage and promote the health of our free. loved ones so we're kind of going to have to push a reboot but now I think I think that's a great term a reboot yeah yeah yeah just to also think about the underlying root cause of all these problems seven said putting bandaids on the problem or set up pulling out to you because dogs lose lifespan once you pull out teeth right keep them in it's a goal is to keep the teeth in the mouth keep the gums healthy and dot feed the dogs a nutritious meal at with a diverse diet because that also promotes a diverse healthy microbiome right I agree now in some households like mine I got married a year and a half ago of course to an island right there you go graduation day. and we now have the furry Brady bunch so we combined and we have three dogs and three cats so we are meticulous that we have these water bowls of the house and we clean up and provide them with good water every day but the cats are also coming out of these bowls and I did I'm gonna give this teeth but try that's hard to say let's alliteration track so what happens the pet safety cat Casey my cool orange tabby comes over to the waterborne look some of that water that has some of the teeth in it show love it too I mean yeah yes the dudes are okay of sorry thirty was like that's here lying George Clooney's really a lady killer. staying yeah yeah so it's okay I know you're still working out of the line are optimizing the feline but this definitely is safe for cats I'm not gonna scientifically guarantee it's perfected for cats but it definitely works yeah because cats have kind of a different physiology thank you and I'm now you probably know this I'm gonna just test the great Dr Stein the back to you with do you know that cats do not have a sweet tooth receptor who well they don't have a lot of stuff yeah you have other stuff yeah yeah I wish we didn't have I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth receptor but still bacteria still gonna be much in inside the mouth yeah and a lot of what's in cat food these days is filler right so carbohydrate yeah even though cat should not have a carbohydrate rich diet they're getting one and so it's we need to be careful yeah right so tell us a little bit about some of the other folks on team teeth yeah so my co founder is Lindsay Campbell and she is a rockstar she's been able to basically take all of my scientific jargon and my speak and translate that so that people can understand. on a pretty darn good job today on the show tryin trying she's taught me a lot but she's also a marketing with so she's figured out how to talk to people how do you get the message out you know so we're still early on but were working at we figured out we have to go directly to pet owners themselves because the system is so I'm gonna be honest it's a little screwed up and convoluted so we're going direct to consumer on this to get fast change because we're trying to save dog's lives well I like that and folks you can go over to is it just T. eat after or the Facebook page chief yeah yeah you can just Facebook T. T. E. F. or were also on the one I don't use very often because I'm not that mobile savvy what is it the Instagram that well yeah I got a millennial I'm older than a leading else very active on Instagram but we do have an Instagram. well and the reason I say that is because just as a tease to all our listeners if they go to the T. Facebook page or go see this adorable popular name cash is this your new puppy yeah here's a rescue from up here he was actually in a kill shelter with six of his other littermates and his mom in Houston and and a rescue group in Minneapolis went down and rescued him during the polar vortex school they were driving up season blizzards and they had to stop like in Ames Iowa at pets at a pet store just to kind of you know yeah survived the roads and then make it up so he I was being fostered by a friend of mine and I just fell over the little guy and how does linsey like cash lands was cast lenses dark Stella in cash have a very interesting relationship this fella is kind of annoyed by cash cash really wants to be her friends. so yeah. yeah no well I did join night you had me at a contest guys has posted beautiful pictures of this queue pop and we're supposed to be guessing what the this canine cocktail is really made up of so I I put my best I guess and I gotta tell you I don't know whether you're doing the DNA are you doing it through a gas Y. or yeah. yeah okay all right so I put my bed and I'm not gonna say anymore as I know and everybody's going to win a million dollars right now I'm gonna I'm gonna fork over a year's worth the teeth. right all right well it was close you know yeah. all the bacteria whisper you know yes he's kinda like Oprah well maybe some day right maybe I'm I had out all the that cool facts. where we say I do I have to ask you did you ever watch the Big Bang theory course okay okay mazing. I mean when the last show aired like you I'm I went to Purdue but my degrees and communication not a Brainiac science I wanted to slow down the last episode and really absorb it I mean it it's kind of bitter sweet a in thank yeah it's sad but it's I mean I wish them all well that was such a great show and it I'm grateful for it because it made geeks like myself kinda kind of cool a little bit you know and I work at yeah and the re checks the cast on the yeah everyone that was bona fide brilliant in their own way yeah yeah I mean that's what super cool about science I mean now science is kind of been Pooh poohed but like it's so cool there so many different nuances you know I have friends of mine that are professors that solely focuses on one single aspect of one single bacteria for their entire career your you got to give that props. wow yeah well I'm kind of glad you're the bacteria whisper and when I was doing my homework on your bike and was asked to consider you to be on the show I'm like oh yeah she's great. arms and doggie breath but it all kidding aside this is kind of the at the forefront of health of a dog and hopefully you'll get this going for the cats too and I'm telling you from somebody that really I'm called the pet health and safety code so my goal is to help pets and their people and having somebody like you as an ally that's I think rocks thank you now it's all about caring for those who aren't able to care for themselves so guys after the show got its C. P. S. dot com you'll find out more about Dr Emily Stein A. K. A. the bacteria whisper and see if it works for your pets what the heck it's worth a go I guess is there any party message you'd like to go doctor sign it's all about I would just say let's all try to create some change for the better you know talk to vets encourage your friends and fellow dog owners than cat owners to really force the system to work on preventative mechanisms of health I like that and on behalf of Joe Kona cleo.

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