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And I enjoy helping others. I really enjoy talking about ideas. And their wins and when someone has an found. Don't wait to do it differently than the rest. Does it already doing a differentiation in the market. The means you come up with different ideas approaches and you try to put your perspective throughout different persons is complicated goal with additional value on top of it yet. That's something I personally like to do. Thinking about different problems on just a business problems on how to approach them differently and I also enjoy talk with others. They've got such ideas or also enjoy helping 'em to find out new ways to approach problems usually. I'm I'm not the expert in their market. I'm really good and helping them to find out. Okay is there. Is there an opportunity. Others didn't approach. I'm I'm not the market experts one of our appliance. He helps people moving their apartments or another one. The certain medical products and those are read different markets. And we won the special took please your team. Currently at the moment I got ought we employees to full stack developers one developer also not a not a one end back office. I also got a smaller network all external experts that. Help me with certain issues. When whenever we don't feel like we half all those skills that customers need there are others that are under ten s and to provide the highest well-used sometimes it's better her to to work with not one that is an expert and skilled jobs have the network of experts? We got a lot of experts. We didn't want work with breath because we we have certain ideas about of them or we have some knowledge about other fields and sometimes it doesn't fit it or not the way we want to our customers and for me. It's also helping them providing some well. You is more important Orton that earning money because money comes anyway. If you're doing good and helping others that's a nice mindset for doing business is definitely you better if you're oriented after the goals also achieving value for your clients because it also is authentic for them and they can feel they can see it on the end result as when you come and you already say like this is going to cost you forty hours and after forty hours we speak again. You earn your margin in that definitely has to see that actually there are business people like yourself. They go after the treatment. I yeah that might be risky referring to but I think on the other hand you're we are not only living living for money to one of the denies. Those things about being an entrepreneur are building company that joy the freedom you have and just doing that for the money is i. Think that's a bad idea or that's really it's going to be tough and it's easier eric to endure that when you're when you have a vision and you're a fully behind this idea that if you're just doing that for many because then look for job go work somewhere where it safe. How many years you're going to business now five years? I think that's a proof of concept. Maybe but it's always would business you. You don't know it might be that. Suddenly something happens and your business. Crashes the risk is always of course that's part of our award wintered at least say you know. Ninety percent of companies fail within the first five years. I think check on that you did exactly. Ah That's that's your proof of concept anyway which I would like to discuss with you as you said you would like to build. Things online is specific technologies. You're focusing focusing on or you have wide range of of skill sets that you can offer through your business delivery. I think the focus for me is on this specific problem Oh plum and then we look for is the best way to approach it so at the moment we are concentrating on specific technologies technologies for example we are focusing on wordpress as framework or A. CMS Some clients want to build up a webpage and it's easier for Alabam to to work with such a system because they can in-house certain edits on on content but we are not limited on that that because sometimes There are certain projects where it's not really helpful to to base them on More in the future there there there might be new technologies or there. Maybe there will be newseum as that's way better and then we also need to switch so it's not focused as long this single thing means you keep yourself still flexible for around and trying to implement them when the call comes. I think that's necessary especially early in the online world changes super fast. One technology might be the main driver behind a market for one day and next year. You're not a one so you need to have an open mind. Set what what press and we started. It was more usual for agencies to build up calcium calcium themes for their clients when they had web page projects. And now it's more at least for our clients. It's more helpful to start with a ready made. Theme that gets customized because it's way cheaper and you in the end because same output very interesting. I think also strength that your team is not so big as of have. Now you have the capability of manure being around and tackling problems very flexibly. It would be very different if you had employees in the amount of hundreds. Yeah and then you say yeah. We'll just GONNA changed now. One hundred people need to educate themselves or older projects which were in previous technology are on hold. Because nobody's going to have every day anymore and you still have to keep those people in the company and those are not going to plan to increase my company more than ten people. I want half a small company. I want to have close relationships with my employees. I want our workspace be fun. I think that's weighs more important than money. You have to enjoy your work and here for me. I don't see myself with a big theme of hundreds of people I don't so if it's possible future but that's nothing I I want to do it. Certainly less headache nice to see Sergio. What what I current challenges most of my challenges are in fields? I don't have knowledge about. It's at the moment. I'm working on. Process Management Hall to define process Asshole to automate them. That's a big part also Structure Things we one of my employees. Start to become a project manager and we we had to to learn a lot and we are still learning a lot of weight half external consultants that help us with our new structure. But that's something we we always to try a lot and we fail a lot and then we try again until it works out. Perfect question project management. I think I can answer something to okay. Gate probably wouldn't have known to ask keeps your mind. I'll be more than happy to help anyway. We were also talking previously about you growing the team and that you're looking also for help up in. That sphere is a specific skill set. You're looking for right now. In the moment my main problem is or my main issue is to build process that many ending mayes potential risks. Because when I tried to scale something if there's any chance of something going wrong when when scaling up it will go wrong so I won't have the good regard working process and later I want in crease. The projects we do and and the the network we have There's no employees and also with employees more looking for mindset than Certain skillset. Okay if I'm looking for a full second by Lope are we need Pro that's for sure I think the mindset is more important because you can always teach skills but you can't teach mindset. That's a very healthy statement. We had for example in the previous employer of mine that at certain in time I have felt that just taking everyone who could speak who had certain type of social skills and then the re education came afterwards. It was interesting approach. I'm not here to criticize it in no position to do so but it was interesting because once I wasn't a project and I- counterpart told me that everybody from your company is like like through copy paper. How do you do that? How come is that if you put those guys in the same room they all speak the same language and for me? It was like well. I never realized that actually everybody in that company was really friendly to all open minded exchanging informations trying to achieve the same goal going with elbows against each other and I think for succeeding succeeding projects. That's one of the essential qualities to have there. Yeah you were driven by cost not by extrinsic fakers like money yes very much it was I opening for me as well and from that point on I also when I'm looking now for team members also look for people who are open minded are ready to learn rutted and already have to fool skill set. I mean they have to be up to speed to learn. Of course you don't have resources to pay someone half year to become an expert nevertheless it's a great mindset to have and to look for. We're actually also in the beginning when when you're starting with your company you don't have the money to buy someone in with thirty years of technical background so there are challenges. Your are not up to or at the employees not up to the moment anyway so why not starting with someone that you really like and supports your costs when when he has to learn a lot of things away switching to another topic. Where do you see the current current trends in your sphere going for the next few years? What do you think is going to be the next big finger to double open which you think you will have to take your company? To on the technical Nicholl's side woodwork. Press think it's going to be easier and easier to design your websites or your systems without what additional help from developers so thing it's going to be mostly driven by designers in the future and by people that are more focused on content and technical aspects. And apostol you had true for for every page you want to create great as long as it wasn't one page one text one photo website You needed a developer. Now it's easier to build up yourself with content bills and things like that and then if you jury it's going to be easier easier. I think that's one part off of the changes in the moment on the other hand on the more strategic side it's scoring to be harder to gain markets online. I'm because it's more complicated now. Your competitors are more sophisticated with their assistance to to gain. You leads and there are big parts of this customer acquisition process that are not transparent to the outside for example when when you have the lead nurturing process for your competitors. It's hard to see. Okay where are the automations. Where parts of the system that depend on certain Actions of of the late so for example. When when someone visits a webpage and he's already in your email marketing list? You could trigger certain campaigns by AH condition it's becoming more complex than those people. Managing those systems are need more skill sets. You think there's going to be a wave of outsourcing sourcing as well where you say is content which I wanNA push I have designed or a wish for design and just outsource it. You know it's going to be done within a week thing. Ching it's possible for content creation generally website creation some aspects. Yes some no for example when you started content strategy you're you you want to create content and to provide the biggest way possible to it of potential customer for example. You're planning to gain on top notch position on mm-hmm organic rich on Google. And then you want to create the best possible content and you can't give that to any student or AH for him company and expect the best outcome of it. You need to have an expert one of your employees sitting on this content. That's expansive expansive and creating the real helpful stuff so I think that's one part debts. It's going to be hard to outsource this and with our clients. I usually tell them. Okay I can teach you how to create content can teach you how to provide the biggest plausible..

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