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Is an eye opener to more storm related deaths confirmed in Louisiana 52 of the 71 confirmed deaths amid a are in the northeast Idaho is activated a crisis standard of care with hospitals in the northern part of the state dealing with more covid patients then they can handle. Jeremy Evans is the Covid incident. Commander for Kootenai Health Incurred Elaine We have identified in the state has recognized is that there is a limit to our resources, the hospitals converted its largest conference room into a patient care area. For Covid patients. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is confirmed that there are a small number of US citizens in the northern Afghan city of Mazar e Sharif, who are unable to evacuate on chartered flights. Area of ABC News KGO 8 10 News update is 2 31. I'm Paul Rodgers, a bloom of toxic blue green algae at San Louis Reservoir, and more said county has reached the danger level, according to the state Department of Water Resources. Voting is still allowed in the lake. But people and pets should avoid physical contact with the water or any algal scum. Berkeley police are offering a $50,000 reward for information that solves the hit and run death of a man. In June, 50 year old Charles Diesel of Oakland was killed by a car after he laid down on Telegraph Avenue between Webster Street Nasty Avenue witnesses described the car is out, Lowered dark color, mid nineties sedan with tinted windows, possibly a Nissan Altima. It was last seen driving North bound into Berkeley. Cal Fire reports that Keldorf fire is showing a minimal growth and containment is now at 49% spokesman that Kevin Brown says thousands of Tahoe Basin residents have been allowed to return home right now there are only evacuation warnings. The key thing about that term as it means, yes, remain ready to evacuate again. If needed. That's not to say that we believe it's likely It's just, you know, an abundance of caution and we want to ensure if we do have a flare up, that's unexpected that we have the ability to expedite the evacuation process. More than 700 homes have been lost since the fire broke out. But Brown tells Nikki Maduro on the KGO morning show that 85% of the burn zone has been surveyed, and no homes have been lost in the Tahoe basin itself. He predicts containment for the calendar fire to be September. 27th Buying a home is a pipe dream for many Americans due to the spiking home prices, and it's getting pretty disheartening. For many. A new survey from lending tree paints a very pessimistic picture of home ownership for many people in the United States. 48% of renters worry that they won't ever be able to buy a home, especially Gen Xers who are now in their forties and fifties and likely in the peak of their earning years. Home prices during the pandemic have skyrocketed and are simply out of reach for many Americans, and the numbers are disheartening for the middle class who depend on home equity as a source of money as opposed to wealthier people. Who tend to own other assets like stocks and bonds..

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