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Over and above the physics of things he stipulated that abstraction must have causal power because the software the governs behavior can be platform independent pearl. Said he didn't think about it in top down terms as an engineer. He was more interested in the clash between the two levels of description as a means to programming into a robot. I would like to probe your philosophy around this area of emergency downward causation. Their relation to artificial intelligence and consciousness. So that's not really an ama question or yeah. That's like a whole several podcasts. Worth of discussion. You know roughly speaking I don't like the idea downward causation. i think that it is over. Used to simplify things while to to cheat around some things that could be better described in other terms. I don't even really like upward causation. A sense. I think that you know if you have levels of description of reality there's a level where it's all quantum field theory level where it's chemistry and molecules level where its people and and planets and chairs and tables I i don't think personally about the relationships between those different levels as being causal ones. I think if you have a well-defined level. Causal efficacy happens within the level not between different levels. There are other relationships between the levels. You could have super beanies relations. You could have explanatory. Relations core screening relations and things like that emergence relations obviously. But i don't think the as is the right way to think about it. Not in the sense of you know 'cause it affect that the pearl would ever care about so that's the very short version. There's subtleties there. Lots to think about my own ideas are not completely settled. But that's that's the short version. Okay the last question for this long. Ama is clint ottmar. In light of the covid vaccine coming out soon will you be one of the first in line to get one or will you wait some period of time to see if there are any side effects and if you do wait how long That's a good question important..

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