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Uh sean do you think that a microsoft acquiring somebody is a good idea for microsoft and be should they set their sights on a big publish that we know or would it be i in your opinion smarter to acquire developer by developer in the way that they sort have done in the past uh i think developer of because when you require look you've got to remember like a lotta publishers even though they may publish of games they don't necessarily make all of their games like bethesda it'd be a great example ride like but as a xenobiotic students with asda like bethesda makes their own games but they also publish under the bethesda umbrella a lot of other staff ride like the dishonored series and everything so bind bethesda doesn't really net you a lot of development like you see how long it takes them did do new elder scrolls game or something so it makes more sense for them to acquire a developer rather than a publisher now epa is very big developer the bacolod games but as basically everybody every you follow the industry long enough a number of years gets rumored to be bought by somebody right because it's just like they they are a a pretty big fish at this point but they also seem squarely enough that may be a company could sneak in there an during a stock dip and just get a majority share something we've seen kinda similar stuff with obese off in uh because of the vendee trying to do like hostile takeovers we soft by style grant shares and everything so it's kind of it's a little bit wild out there so in terms of just like laying out cash like they did with minecraft it just makes more sense for microsoft by developer i think that the studio who made pub g would be a natural right they they've made a game that's really popular in the pc they've got an xbox port for it so there and their nascent like there early in in bear in their companies culture in in in in the sense that like they're they're not like this tenyear establish thing so they're not necessarily gonna demand like the same price it's a rare probably dead when they bought them back the day so i i would look some toward that if microsoft is gonna make a move carr's the polygon article.

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