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Twice horrified. Stephen tried to escape but he couldn't move fast enough carpenters shot. Stephen twice fled the scene leaving the couple for dead but the trailside killers work was getting sloppy. Normally Carpenter prided himself on his ability to operate with precision killing his victims carefully so he had full control over their last breaths. A hasty murder like this was a far cry from his other killings as Z.. Typically preferred secluded emptier trails in this case multiple witnesses saw him that day as carpenter fled the scene. Several all people at the observation tower reported a suspicious man running out of the park. They described him in detail to police as a bald unassuming man with a slender billed and a pair of glasses. Surprisingly some of the most crucial testimony came from a ten year old girl as has carpenter rushed to his vehicle parked just outside of the camping grounds. The girl noticed suspicious of his frantic manner. She grabbed a nearby piece of cardboard Lord and sketched as best. She could the scene before her a man escaping at a small boxy red car but it it was the final report that was most damning of all from one of the victims. Stephen hartill miraculously after being rushed to the hospital title. He survived the brutal attack. Post Surgery Stephen was unable to speak but was determined to help however we could patiently using nonverbal communication police and a sketch artists were able to create a detailed composite. The rendition matched the testimony of the other hikers. The killer wore a ball cap glasses and had a slender build. The sketch was released to the public and printed in several local newspapers. Almost immediately police received a tip via a hotline. A local woman recognized the sketch. She said the man's name was David Carpenter. Her and that she'd met him several years prior on a cruise ship. She noted his stutter and claimed he made awkward advances towards both her and her daughter however there were several David carpenters living in the San Francisco Bay area than police while closer still could not narrow down their search coach. The sketch continued to run locally and to authorities hoped someone who might know more would provide them with a tip but potential tipsters weren't the only the ones reading the newspapers carpenter was too and he was growing anxious. He grew a beard and changed his appearance as best he could God. He also hoped that his new more stable life would help him continue to avoid suspicion he was now living with his parents and working in a warehouse. A parolee with a history of sex offenses carpenter. Had A hard time finding work he was legally barred from working in a facility with women. The the new warehouse job made it. Seem like he was a respectable man trying to reenter society for the first time in a while he felt like he looked normal mall but working with men did nothing to temper his sick and violent fantasies he soon turned his attentions next door to the warehouse to a print shop owned owned by the same company. Several women worked there. one of whom was named Heather Roxanne's Skaggs Skaggs was a twenty year. Old recent high school graduate graduate and carpenter heard. She was in the market for a car on May. First Nineteen eighty-one Carpenter approach skaggs. She was a young and kind and he felt drawn to her carpenter. told her that he'd heard about her car shopping and claimed he knew of a great bargain. Not Too far away. He offered to drive for over to take a look at the vehicle during their conversation carpenter emphasized to skaggs that she should go alone. He encouraged her to keep the location. The vehicle a secret and not to mention who she was going with skaggs accepted the offer and the two left but unbeknownst a carpenter skaggs hadn't blindly trusted his word. Her boyfriend was suspicious of carpenter after all he was an older creepy co worker. Who seemed far far too interested in skaggs just to be safe? Heather's boyfriend told her that if she failed to return home by seven. PM He'd report her missing to the police went wins. Seven o'clock came and went he frantically made the call. Police began their investigation. Swiftly by finding out who the last person person was to see heather her boyfriend and Co workers were quick to point him out David Joseph Carpenter up next. We'll investigate the final undoing of the trailside killer now back to the story by the spring of nineteen eighty one fifty one year old David Joseph Carpenter had murdered ten people dubbed the trailside killer he usually sought out his victims on the hiking trails surrounding San San Francisco but after increased scrutiny from the police carpenter changed his methods. He invited Heather skaggs to go. Look at a car for sale with him. When skaggs gags didn't return home that night? Her boyfriend called police. The I suspect on their list was the last person to see skaggs alive as soon soon as authorities arrived at David Carpenters House. They couldn't help it become even more suspicious once he opened the door. Police noticed the startling ordering resemblance carpenter had to a sketch of the trailside killer printed just a few months prior even just his name made them wary. David Carpenter was the exact name given by a woman calling a hotline about the killer. The final clue sat just in the driveway. Detectives took a hard look at carpenter's car. A Red Boxy Fiat. It was just like the one a ten year old witness had described the day. The killer last struck police quickly consulted with carpenters. Parole officer who confirmed that he could very well be a suspect in Heather's disappearance terrence they also double check their records and confirmed carpenters name and profile had been accidentally left out of suspect lists for the previous trailside murders. Police took carpenter to the station and questioned him about his relationship with heather skaggs but he refused to answer when pressed a carpenter. Reportedly started stuttering so terribly but he couldn't speak at all. The interrogation continued for hours eventually turning to carpenters background and childhood. When speaking about his early life carpenter sounded full of bitterness and resentment he mentioned the dance classes he had been forced to take as a child and another investigator shared that he too had taken dance when he was young this resonated with carpenter in some way as he sat in a sudden cold silence after a moment he stood from his chair? Move to the middle of the interrogation room and began to dance he. He completed some of the traditional ballet positions calling them out as he remembered them I position second position and so on as unnerving as has the performance was many of carpenter's other answers. Were even more suspicious. Often he told blatant lies to detectives or was Dodgy Gee about important details including his whereabouts on the days of the murders at the end of his questioning. Carpenter reportedly turned to authorities. He's referring to Heather skaggs. He said I pray to God. No one finds her body and finds that she's been raped with these haunting words. Police police were itching to make an arrest but in the hopes of building a stronger case they let carpenter go for a week. They put him under surveillance since secretly watching his every move hoping he would lead them to more evidence after a week when no new evidence emerged they they decided it was time to officially make the arrest. They surrounded carpenters home guns at the ready prepared for assistance but when an officer knocked on the door Oren explained a carpenter that he was under arrest. He surrendered quietly even so the horror wasn't over yet. Barely one week had passed. Authorities received another call about the trailside killer. A pair of hikers had gone for a walk in big basin redwoods woods state park located near San Jose when they smelled something disgusting coming through the trees they followed the scent and found rapidly rapidly decomposing body. Investigators quickly identified the body as Heather skaggs carpenters ninth victim. Her body was discovered verdon shallow grave covered in dirt and leaves. She'd been assaulted and shot just like the others. After this discovery police put carpenter are in a lineup. Stephen Hartill the trailside killers only surviving victim. Positively identified carpenter as the man who murdered murdered. His girlfriend months later when carpenter appeared before a judge he reportedly showed no emotion at all at first. But it's calm demeanor suddenly changed when the judge estimates first question is your name true. As stated according to those in the courtroom that day carpenter contorted noted his face away from the judge and jury. He shook his head and stuttered so horribly he couldn't remain still after a few moments. He was finally able the answer. Yes on May Eighteenth nineteen eighty eight fifty eight-year-old David. Joseph Carpenter was officially convicted. You did for the killings of Richard Stars. Cynthia Moreland Shauna may Diana O'CONNELL and an Alderson. He was also found guilty. Not on two counts of rape and one count of attempted. Rape Carpenter was sentenced to be executed now. Almost ninety he remains on death. Throw to this day with the trailside killer safely locked away. The sickening attacks ended and the parks and trails in the San Francisco. Enciso Bay area opened up again since then. The city has been free of the nightmare that haunted it for years but many still still remember the monster but once lurked on the paths stalking victims in broad daylight and dragging them helplessly into.

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