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Up the roles and how much each of those roles would cost and It's very very detailed. And you know when when they do a contract. They'll say. Oh you can have fifty engineers. You can have ver- twenty-five programmers. You can have a fifteen tech support people it just goes really in and this is how much those each of those positions are going to cost. I mean it's it's layers and layers and layers layers and layers of bureaucracy and a whole bunch of stuff goes into and really mean I have been involved in the IT making inputs to statement of works before on Federal Stop and it sucks it is no fun is no funded. Do the stop and Regardless of what any officials input was. It's all scored out so I just don't we'll see what happens here but I'm sure questioning in proprietary. May saying that right and but time will tell. We'll see what happens with their lawsuit. The United States charged four Chinese military members in the Equifax breach. Well why don't we make sure we charge some equifax employees as as well away the. US Department Justice said the four members of the People's Liberation Army and arm of the Chinese military charged with breaking into the networks of Equifax. This is specifically regarding the data breach happened in two thousand seventeen which it failed to announce until September two thousand Seventeen F. T. C. announced July two in two thousand nine hundred Equifax had a great agreed to pay. At least five hundred seventy five million and pensions essential after seven hundred million but anyway according to the nine count indictment handed down by grand jury in Atlanta for members of the Chinese P. L. A.. Long John You John. Yuji and Liu Li are alleged to have conspired a happy Quebec's computer says how they know they did this who knows but anyway they've been charged probably will not be visiting the United States.

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