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A joke you pursue immorality I don't care if it's physically or on the internet or in a movie or on television and you lose your rewards and the point of this passage by the way was to try to get believers in court the stop that lifestyle all is writing this to get these Corinthians off of a lifestyle that will cost them rewards and to start living a lifestyle that will earn them rewards and if you're involved in something immoral get it out of your life and get it out right now separate yourself from anything that the moral whether it be people places internet movies videos books magazines get rid of that or you're going to get before the lord and lose just like his work the fourth rebellious act was some were given over to unbelief Burstein says nor let us try in the lord and some of them did and were destroyed by the serpent now many from the nation Israel were destroyed by surprise because when Moses and Aaron told them what god's word said they didn't believe and as a result god sends us for prince to destroy those people see god sent his gifted men to communicate his word and the people just took it lightly when god sends gift gifted men to proclaim the word of god gods people need to take it seriously people hear it and don't believe it I love to obey it are going to cost them solve reward you see god's word is no game when you hear the word you must respond to the word or you will disqualify yourself from laying up treasures in heaven and there are some people who are quick to be given over to unbelief some golf so I'm not case in the year two thousand seven says iPhone Jesus body in a grave and there are people willing to follow that not and believe that I think all stick with the Bible and I think I'll stick with the eye witnesses that I actually saw the resurrected Christ rather than to believe some lunatic who's making up some story you see some people are drawn to unbelief and Paul says I.

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