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And make sure every man alright, let me Oh, Yes. BBS culture. My surprised by that. No. Jimmy Fallon. So Fallon Isa funny, talented guy. He's a good guy. I like him. Um hey, made a huge mistake. Because Colbert started attacking Trump every day and his ratings went up. Fallon got a little political too. It's not where Jimmy lives, he doesn't do it well. So on Monday, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show got the lowest ratings in the history of the show. 947,000 viewers. Jimmy Kimmel didn't do much better. 1.67 million. Colbert got two million Johnny Carson did between seven and 10 million tonight. Late night television is dead. Donald Trump killed it. Because It's not funny anymore. It's boring every night. Trump is the devil on all of the shows. So traditional Americans Republicans people sport didn't watch. And now Collapsed. That's what's gonna happen to TV news and general this year this day in history, January 13th 1930 91 years ago, Mickey Mouse was born in a comic strip. Ran in the New York Mirror and The Oakland Post Inquirer. All right, there's Mickey first comic strip. And then by the summer of 1930. A few months later, the strip was up to 40 newspapers. Now Mickey Mouse is primarily responsible. Yet Disney company being worth $130 billion Mickey Mouse did it. Not joy Behar not would be no, not them. Mickey Mouse. Disney took the profits from the mouse who made movies. If solders ears. You did everything The profits from Mickey Mouse built Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Mickey Mouse 91 years ago today was born in the media. You've counted down the seconds now.

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