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Thought we were going to get a game seven tonight. Then Kevin Cashen, let's be really, the Rays front office said. Poland, Blake Snell, five and a third allowed his second hit of the game first hit in the sixth inning. And we're not gonna let Blake Snell go up against Mookie Betts, Seeger. Made no sense to May I get it? I kind of get it, but I don't get it. Analytics got you there. So you live and die by your binder or whatever information you're getting. I can't live and die by Analytics Analytics to me Can't be the end all be all. In those spots. That's not a regular season game. This is a do or die game. You've got to use your gut. You've got to use your car Basa and if they were used in their gut in there could base last night. Then they had a stomachache, and they had a headache. And they weren't able to think logically, because that was terrible to pull smell out of the game, and we'll play some audio in just a bit in the news brief, where pretty much Mookie Betts was laughing, absolutely laughing at the decision. But what a wild world Siri's Name one Kershaw brilliant victory game to smell got the job done. Then Walker Buehler. Gets the W in Game three, you know, pitched well. In Game four. You had the walkoff craziness play at the plate. Game five. Kershaw big moment steps up, delivers And in Game six. It's going to be remembered for Blakes now being pulled and then what happened right before the start of the eighth inning, where there was an inconclusive tests for Monday that came back on Tuesday, and the second Winning and then later on the game. The test from Tuesday got expedited, and it turned out that Justin Turner was positive for covert. 19. Turner leads the game. Sends out a tweet. You're thinking you're not going to see him in the celebration. And then the next thing you know, Bam, Turner's on the field mask off next to Dave Roberts, celebrating smiling. And kissing his wife or his girlfriend and Posed in on the field with the trophy. And hey, you win a world Siri's. You want to go celebrate with your teammates? I could understand that when you test positive Even if some of your teammates are okay with that, I don't think personally, you should be on the field We're coming alive.

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