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Am game against a team whose well rested. I just. i just. Don't see this going. Well for the raiders. For the las vegas raiders at as weird as it sounds. I just don't see the raiders being able to compete with the pittsburgh steelers actor they just showed the world and the whole nfl world. Hey we just be a good buffalo bills team who has super bowl aspirations. We're here where legit we're gonna show you by. Shutting down the raiders. At-home easy money. Take the steelers. Give the six to the raiders. And you know what i see. This being a lopsided game just on the fact you got a west coast team. Who played monday night. Football traveling all the way across country and into short week because they're playing the early game the earliest of early games. They're probably the first game that kicks off this week. I just it just a bad look. Bad spot for the vegas raiders in this scenario and i just see the pick steelers winning this game by at least seven or ten points. It might get ugly. It could lead ugly really really quick and last but not least my my last game speaking of ugly. This game is not going to get ugly. This game is going to be a barn burner. And i'm talking about the monday night. Football game against the lions and the packers inland both field. So some people may say you know what. I like. Aaron rodgers in this situation i like him to bounce back his number against the detroit lions but no what. That was a different lines team. You got gained campbell now. Trying to bite off kneecaps and dan campbell making his way and having that lines team being able to fight and scratching claw and just fight their way through a game and they don't give up. Everybody talked about lines last week and said oh. Wow the san francisco forty niners. They gave up no but detroit lions they had a good squad expecially on offense and then often to line will dominate any defensive. Line out there. Expect this to be a tight close match on monday night football. I can't wait to see peyton manning manning. I can't wait to see who they have on to talk about this game. An awfully surprised when people give me the lines. Gimme the lines. Plus eleven plus eleven. Monday night football. You telling me that a divisional round game at home when the lions have a great success for four games against the spread a running team. Who's dominant jamal. Williams and d. Andre smith went to point. And you got. Jared gov throwing his favorite guide line new favorite tied. Tj hodkinson and. i just. I don't see green bay being able to keep up and contain this offense. I think there's going to be a high scoring game if it's not it might be a detroit lions blowout. Everybody's thinking what are you crazy. Yeah i might be crazy. I got little hirings. Plus eleven on monday night football. It's a lock. It's my lock of the week. Lions plus eleven. Take that in and you know what that is. The conclusion of the friday football picks and you know what do whatever you need to do with that information. Remember trait it's ray entertainment and i'm giving it to you free of charge. Well that's all the time i got for today. Thank you for joining me. They for joining us on the gmc. Podcast brought glitzy here with you again but remember please please leave a nice common in place. Subscribe to our channels on the gmc podcast network and you know what. Follow us on instagram. Social media facebook instagram twitter and follow us at twitter at gsm tip about gas. We post greg contact daily. You're not gonna miss this all right. So i gotta go. I gotta run. It's been great. it's been solid. Everybody enjoys him football this weekend. Enjoy the culpable and saturday. An nfl football on sunday beat. Well stay safe. Stay healthy beat. Kind of people like always was he on the other side.

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